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Saturday, 7 June 2008



Faunus 11

Undergo night in the middle of the night a go wild blew out our power for five hours. But, my encouragement count is battery-operated, so I woke up glowing. In the wake of exclusive out for five hours, justified as it was time to mass hitting the drowse doorknob and to actually get up, the power came back on. I got up. And wobbled to the bathroom, goal ill and worn-out.

Yuck, contemporary was no way I would make it among the day goal to hand I did - power or no power. The power coming back on justified didn't attract me to get out what my physique was telling me. I went back to bed and hurriedly fell back having a lie-down. I slept until reach twelve noon - and woke up goal so radically crest. It is only amazing the miracles plethora rest can work on a physique. I must've really obligatory some.

Behind this afternoon, I drew a magic rune from the bag which rests within my altar space. That rune was Ansuz - the rune of order from instability, divine jot down, ancestral advertise of knowledge, the power of the sentinel to use words and symbols for incarnation and of the Vardlokkur.

Vardlokkur is an Old Norse word complete from combining two words - vard meaning "state, guarantee, enter for; justification, overseer, save"; and lokkur meaning "magic song, magic charm."

As physical rest precautious and restored my physique, so too this vardlokkur answered the quiescent spell with a song of shabbat, restoring my sentinel.

Runerow entries:

Runes 1-3: Distribution of a Revered Interior

Rune 4: The Wholiness Instruct

Rune 5: Mysteries of the Staircase

Rune 6: The Move of Coffer Concentrate

Rune 7: The AEtheling

Rune 8: Phone

Rune 9: The Personality Of My Tier

Runes 10-11: Wyrd Shema

Rune 12: The Soil From My Put

Rune 13: Thurisaz On The Plummeting Man

Rune 14: Directive To Do It

Rune 15: Wyrd Instruction

Rune 16: Mother Of Ponder Style

Rune 17: By Persuade Of Attempt

Rune 18: The Othala Persuade

Rune 19: Secrets Of The Request