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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Ritualis Interruptus Weekly Ritual February 5Th

Ritualis Interruptus Weekly Ritual February 5Th
Yesterday my realtor was supposed to come by. I waited all day; got a phone have space for in the afternoon, and afterward she sent somebody to boot to fortitude up a document of admin. This morning I luggage compartment I'm believably definite break up the afternoon.


So my ritual got cut short. No meditation, no prayer. I had selected witchcraft stuff to do today, even if, so award was an actual submission to creating sacred space and casting the circle -- I didn't honest cast and at this time pick down, even if it sculpt of felt that way.

I've made a blessing display and wards for my new place. The blessing/energetic cleansing display was made from way back night and honest waiting to be blessed in ritual today. The wards I made or else this morning's rituals.

(I'll do a fuller post on how I made the wards and blessing display whilst. Argue now I honest indigence to go over the ritual.)

Just the once putting together the six wards I made for the new place, I lit my three candles, bent holy water, and lit the incense. I sanctified the space with the four elements, and afterward cast the hoop.

Seeing that today is today, I forgot personal property for the ritual or else starting it, so it shuddered behind in imitation of a car with a deep get tired on a vileness trend.

I blessed and sanctified the blessing display with the power of the elements and the power of the Three (BRIGHID, MANANNAN, MORRIGAN/SEA, SKY, GAIN RECOGNITION). I afterward set it aside and started on the wards.

And realized I delightful to canonize each neighborhood to a selected room (AWARD ARE 6; 5 ROOMS IN THE NEW PLACE WITH A PLACE IN THE GROUND) and wouldn't embrace any way of appreciation. So I moved out the hoop (I DON'T CUT A DOOR; I RIGHT BY ALIGNING MY ENERGY WITH THE HOOP AND AFTERWARD HONEST SUPERFICIAL DRINK IT) and grabbed 6 swap colours of nail spick and span.

As unswervingly as I blessed the first neighborhood with the power of the elements and the power of the Three, my phone rang. Justly, my phone rang or else I broad the blessing. I waited for caller ID to command who it was and lo and notion, it was my realtor. I pitching moved out the hoop and ran to fasten the phone or else it went to the answering employment, and she delightful to come down sufficient that pass quickly. I asked her to take me 15 minutes to complete up what I was conduct yourself, and afterward ran back to ritual.

(I'm typing this up give orders whilst ritual; she yet hasn't given away up.)

Subsequently I had to do personal property the quick way. I blessed the rest of the wards to each room, seal off them with the proper nail spick and span colour, and set them aside. No time for meditation or prayer, such as now I embrace to clean up my ritual stuff whilst ritual. I pick down the hoop and clout out the candles and begin to pitching clean -- not honest my ritual space, but the rest of the limit.

I'll embrace to do meditation following today.

HOW I FEEL: unkempt, provoked, in imitation of I indigence to outstrip the phone with a godsdamned squash. I claim to start accomplishment up really earlier on Wednesday and conduct yourself my ritual "FIRST THING," so I can be absolutely no one moral fiber bug me.

Gauzy. Over absolutely than I am now.

(As well, we won't embrace a landline in the new place. So I honest embrace to turn my break phone to close down and that moral fiber cut down on imply interruptions by 95%.)


PS: She's inwards.

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