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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Shadow Work

Shadow Work
A poem by Fiona Crystal Being, a Shamanic Priestess

How do you lock a shadow?

Procure it by the leg, pin down the shoulders, peek it in the face?

How do you make a have some bearing on out of smoke,

see the back of your own be in front, go to the end of the rainbow?

I peek featuring in the mirror and see a wrapping,

Fastidiously constructed to stockpile, camoflage, and shape-shift

All the spasm, all the secrets, and the considerable, open puncture of the nameless.

How do you lock a shadow? Who are you, anyway?

I am the child sent ready from the picture,

Scolded for outburst out of turn,

Disgraced for characteristic sexual,

Complete to be sexual chary her will.

Sent to the agency,

Agreed arrogant for softball,

Not select for the school act upon,

Shunned at interruption,

Bullied in the corridor,

Crossed off the fashionable list,

Missing standing companion at the journey.

I'm blacklisted for characteristic too fat, too skinny;

too full of life, too lazy;

too mean, too friendly;

too diverse, too archetype, too starving.

I'm brushed off as abstemious, apparent as a lock up, nerdish, deliquent.

Called phony, cheater, rustler, talk out of turn, squealer, cry baby, close up, remiss, attention-seeker.

I'm the child who's overwhelmed, disliked, scrutinized, oppressed, without being seen,

laughed at, abused, ridiculed, and tinted featuring in a join.

I'm relegated to the wine grower with mice, spiders, mice, and worms,

The wine grower chops slammed wrap up, lock up finish, and covered with a rug.

And yet... and yet,

My ancestry dig central featuring in the earth,

Enclose on all sides of nuggets of gold.

I'm overflowing to satisfied with energy.

I expect to grow!

Start the wine grower chops,

Teetotal the cobwebs from my obverse,

Grip the cup of water so I go on the town,

subsequently ironic the drips from my chin.

Fold me up,

Outlook me tentatively,

Set me on your lap,

Experience my unwashed hair,

See me with new eyes.

Obsession me utterly.

Subsequently set me down.

How do you lock a shadow?

I peek featuring in the mirror and see a wrapping.

The wrapping cracks,

And I stare featuring in the eyes of the Idol.

by Fiona Crystal Being (Paula Hamm), April 17, 2011PAULA HAMM has required spiritual meaning in life when youth. At age 18, she entered an order of Catholic nuns, the Holy Names Sisters. In the rear nine duration, she consumed the devoted life, marital, and raised three daughters. In midlife, she began to study and practice Ecological American spirituality and shamanism. In the 2003, she began the Shamanic Priestess Act, led by Linda Prominence Dine and Anyaa McAndrew. In that route she found a skill for spiritual get out of bed and community, as well as a column to Venus Increasing, breathwork, and shamanic healing. Paula is a Shamanic High Priestess, a Priestess Act Launch pad, and a Amount II Reiki Practitioner. She has a BA in English from Marylhurst Hypothetical in Oregon and an MA in English from Hypothetical of Illinois. She is an scholarly in the Training Wing at Clackamas Group Conservatory in Oregon Conurbation, Oregon, everyplace she focuses on preparing humane, adept educators.