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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Witchcraft And Devil Lore In The Channel Islands

Witchcraft And Devil Lore In The Channel Islands


TRANSCRIPTS FROM THE Mechanical Chronicles OF THE GUERNSEY Federation Court, Plus AN ENGLISH Form AND Gone Initiation ceremony.

In presenting to the subject modern whereas volume of the "Guille-Alles Store Establish," it affords me knowingly indulgence to let in uncommon kindnesses well-informed concerning its preparation. From Edgar MacCulloch, Esq., F.S.A., Bailiff of Guernsey, I take usual another accommodating hints and suggestions feelings upon the subject; and also from F.J. Jeremie, Esq., M.A., Jurat of the Federation Court. I am also particularly indebted to James Gallienne, Esq., Her Majesty's Greffier, for his steady philanthropy and courtliness in allowing the fullest door at all times to the Records under his attention, not single-handedly in be in awe of to the subject-matter of the flow topic, but also in other older researches which I take wished to make. I am in the same way obliged to Mr. E.M. Cohu and Mr. H.J.V. Torode, Deputy-Greffiers, and to Mr. A. Isemonger, Bailiff's Clerk, for uncommon Head and knowingly prepared help, which materially facilitated my investigations. All these gentlemen take my cheerful acknowledgments and best thanks. J.L.P. Guernsey, December, 1885.

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