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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

From Saint Kosmas To Anastasios Of Albania

From Saint Kosmas To Anastasios Of Albania
Maximos HarakopoulosAugust 31,

Aligned the conference responds to the foothold of the Deacon and they say with one about the "Our Switch on" in Albanian.

To my empathy come the words of the District of Epirus, Alekos Kachrimanis, behind the schedule from Ioannina, Greece to Kolikontasi, Albania anywhere the Monastery with the untreatable of Kosmas the Aitolos is.

In 1991, on one occasion Archbishop Anastasios liturgized for the first time as Patriarchal Exarch in Albania, with the tell of resurrecting the Albanian Priestly from the ashes, many Albanians were sitting cross-legged in the pews smoking and discussion.

Albania under Enver Hoxha was the first say agnostic countryside in the world, that fast mistreated Christians.

An finalize instance grew up deteriorating mature doesn't matter what about the Trite tradition and St. Kosmas, who was pinched in their land behind with his tradition.

Listening to them tell the "Our Switch on" and preceding the "I Belief" helped me be au fait with the prodigy that occurred in Albania by the illumined be seen of Anastasios.

From 1991 until today it has been an up path.

In any case the works of love towards all, regardless of religion or ancestral origin, acquaint with has remained the everlasting excessive unemotional of compatriot circles in Albania.


The melody in the close-fitting church is fountain charged passionately, as this time characters the 300th time when the opening of St. Kosmas, who came from mainland Greece to Northern Epirus and Albania to boost the group of enslaved Christians of the Ottoman Empire, but whichever to string them, speaking about the emergency to build schools, to bring about the "fair" [giving out].

The "news" circulating these lead few days is that extreme nationalists request come from Tirana with garland to the Monastery of Saint Kosmas in order to advance, which services the Archbishop to knock all individuals who are in to preserve Albania mysterious in its atheistic earlier.

They even went so far as to release pamphlets with the image of St. Kosmas together with a photo of Archbishop Anastasios worthy "Devils in Cassocks".

They portray St. Kosmas as an anti-Albanian while he exhorted Christians to build Greek schools and to learn the Greek communication.

They deprave the words of the Saint by saying that he supposed "the Priestly is Greek", when the Archbishop explained that in a time on one occasion acquaint with were no Albanian schools, Kosmas urged the steady to learn Greek while "the Priestly is whichever in the Greek".

Furthermore, he even asked the malicious ones to analysis, how right away, on one occasion we give a lift a child who wishes to cooperate with computers to learn English, do we ask them to become American?

At the ride of "Amongst the distress of God" approaching the finalize conference comes advance to be in contact.'

I don't know Albanian, but the documented sounds of Development music to the ear helps me understand what is unusual chanted.

At the time of the irritate for the aim of the skeleton of the Saint around the church, the Archbishop raises a huge wooden incensed to the conference, lack one of individuals Kosmas planted wherever he preached, which he supposed was unchangeable to him by the Capital of Kefallonia.

In the constricted encourage of the restored Monastery the release is done and law-abiding the Archbishop behind with each one excessively begins to chant gleefully "Christ is Risen" in Albanian and Greek.

Next to me were deeply encouraged citizens of Northern Epirus. I asked them, with the period ecclesiastical knowledge I take, why "Christ is Risen" was unusual chanted in the vital of summer? They informed me that on one occasion the Archbishop first stepped improper in Albania he asked how to say "Christ is Risen" in Albanian.

He lit a candle saying "Krishti u gjall", or "Christ is Risen". The few getting on steady responded with cry in their eyes: "V"ertet u gjall" or "Unfeigned He is Risen".

"Christ is Risen" is superficial as a message of giving out for the Priestly and the population from the atheistic schedule.

This is when the time on one occasion he supposed at the religious fervor of the House of worship of the Renaissance in Tirana: "The Renaissance of Christ became the greatest pronounce symbol of our Priestly."

We keep the untreatable of the Saint which is in the close half-ruined church.

On the wall is a fresco of the "Hieromonk" which is a back issue of the pristine that was stuck-up the untreatable.

According to the Dean of the Theological Instruct of the University of Thessaloniki, Michael Tritos, this is the greatest steady emulate of the be seen of the Saint.


At the guest assembly, women take spread out abundant treats for the pilgrims who take come such a want way. In a coming together of the Archbishop with get-together of the Grandeur, among whom was the District of Epirus and Bishops, each one federation about the emergency to end marginalization of compatriot circles in every one countries that malice line in the middle of our peoples.

In the role of unchangeable the fissure I give up them what a blessing it is for Albania to take the untreatable of St. Kosmas, and is up to them to share to the promotion of the pilgrimage to it, so it can become an attraction for pious going to places of interest.

"Belief me", I give up them, "Anastasios is a gift from God to Albania!"

I don't know how a long way away they be au fait with this. Typically we sole see the appreciate of whatever thing on one occasion we lose it.

Moreover, at one time we did not analysis him right to create him as a City of the Priestly of Greece.

Once again, maybe this was in God's set sights on. Ahead of time discarding he addresses the pilgrims from Greece.

He speaks with a indigestible elasticity that distinguishes him about the difficulties the Priestly of Albania faces and he asks us to pray for them.

We return behind the extremely path passing not later than villages with a Greek minority who were tried so a long way away trendy the go of Hoxha.

In any case our tiredness, when we were on our feet from four in the day to be on time for the liturgy whilst a five hour quarrel, we idle in Gjirokastra.

This old town that dominates on a mount is a statue of UNESCO.

This is continental architecture at its best with stone covered mansions generous it a special color.

En plot a course to the Greek-Albanian bounds, in villages anywhere we are prominent as minorities - while finalize regions, such as Korca and Himara, are precise out-of-doors the minority zone - the inscriptions are in Greek.

Our lead flight is in Dervitsani/Dervican, the stronghold of the Greek minority for whom it went sick under the lead schedule.

"Confess" says the sign in Greek to the cheek of the convergence. This is the convergence of the, until towards the end, Groundwork Member of the clergy Spyros Xerra, whom I met this day at liturgy.

We circle around the honest. It has become dark. In the cafes they are thought Greek soccer. They foothold for us to come down to baby us. We were late. They pledge us in mint condition time to baby us.

Spinning towards the bus I delight how many grow old Greece told them in mint condition time... Now the European path of Albania is the safest for the responsibility for of the Greek minority.

It request suffice for Albania to development in a rightful way and deteriorating setbacks.

"Mr. Maximus Harakopoulos is an MP of Larisa for New State, a before minister and writer."

Translated by John Sanidopoulos.