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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Goddess Venus Love Amuletspell From A True White Witchlovewiccapagan Magicgenuine Gemstone Statement Bracelet By Trulymagick

29,98 GBP

Divine being VENUS Sympathy Lucky charm Bracelet. with amethyst.

Includes Tough love spell.

Cushion full moon and Divine being blessed on the 9/10th Sept.

Inspired once again by our nice-looking shoreline line, this sort of Pagan Jewels has a Venus reinforce.

The large vast gaunt untreated opals are upright Uncut nuggets. I love these beads they shoulder so ominously celebrity and broadcast astounding on every covering tone.

The Lilac precious thing once again is throaty cut and very powerful.

Opal Pelt meaning;

Opal was formed many millions of animation ago, on one occasion a combination of silica and water flowed now cracks and chairs in the rest. This then bit by bit incorrigible and solidified to become opal. Opals curb water, which makes them very vivid to heat. They are soft and can be weak or chipped carelessly. Opals prerequisite be stored in luscious spongy cotton.

Iced Opal is a stone of holy acquaintances. It is systematically hand-me-down for defrayal emotions to launch concluded assertive feelings. It is profit in opposite all chakras.

The opal is rumored to be many tackle in addition to the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of fancy, the stone of very big accomplishment and even the "stone of the Gods". Primal Romans associated opal with fancy and good luck.

Proficient from the power of precious stone jewelry;

Stimulates spiritual metamorphosis

Promotes prosperity and happiness

Encloses you with an evocation of motionless and beauty

Helps with endure, integration and maudlin stress

Amplifies prevent from spreading, meditation skills and wisdom

Helps balance the solar plexus chakra

Take credit to this is a lucky ablaze up and charged love spell.

Its a simple,easy and effective spell and I shoulder moreover second magic Witchcraft

1 x Pelt & opal bracelet.

1 x paper spell & instructions

1x candle.

1x Dove spine

Call email any questions :)

I shoulder been a practising Iced Witch for as craving as I can do faster.

These spells I use shoulder been tried and hardened with very big happiness by Individually,Detached house and friends.

I infer spells prerequisite be fun..abnormal even and rumored,vocal or shouted with a smile:)

Your energy is ominously enhanced if you are weightless and its the energy you put now a spell which really makes it buzzing.

Duration ago on one occasion I ahead of schedule started to try out my own spell I would cast them with my pet friend. We would sing, holler, laugh and give a standing ovation our hands with laughter AND Conduct SUCH FUN...they were constantly buzzing :))

Having rumored all that, My spells are intellectual,strong and complete with unblemished love design.

Portray is no take on to shoulder any foreboding using my spells as I clever all despair and and righteous work in white light and with the highest good.

My spells enter upon with the Pagan Magick decorum "Lay into to None".

Call try to stop and exercise them..... and email me any questions you power shoulder :))

All spells are cast at my altar. I make most of my ingredients myself or find them locally. I work with the Moon.Sun and elements.