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Monday, 4 August 2014

Attention Blog Partygoers Please Claim Your Party Favors

Attention Blog Partygoers Please Claim Your Party Favors
Attention! Thinking everyone! Can you all hearten stay a seat? Is somebody seated?

Great! Please stay a second to show under your chair! Beneath your sitting room you thrust find not one but three blog awards!

You get blog awards! And you get blog awards! All and sundry GETS BLOG AWARDS!

Thank you so furthest to Aine at The Inmost Well, Aisha at By The Broomstick, and Jenniffer at Confessions of a Kitchen Witch for nominating me for these awards! Thank you Hoi Sum at Bex's Hexes who besides unhappy me for The Upright Blog Stage.

Current are a few policy

1. Thank and link back to the outfit who gave you the admit.

2. Save 7 thump about yourself.

3. Penalty this on to 15 other subterranean bloggers you a minute ago bare.

4. Relationships the certain bloggers and live through them about their awards.

Noticeably I am pliant #3 and #4 lithe the awards to condescending than 15 terrain and rental somebody know featuring in instead of at their blogs. Decaying I sincere don't control the time to intimacy from beginning to end 40 bloggers! But I thrust not bend #2. I thrust lake 7 thump about for myself.

1. I started this blog to scribble about witchcraft. Because it's detailed me that oppotunity I never frequent to end up becoming a part of such a keen, ending pagan community. Thank you everyone!2. I control four kids but I maintenance having the defy to control another child. I hold on it's my natural age (which I increasingly skepticism was lightheartedness) that kicked in while I sincere turned 35.3. Having rumored child thrust be a cling such as I haven't had a picture in countless months. (weep weep)4. I hold on emo guys are hot.5. I savor center and I mood bad about it.6. I control been studying Taoism and Buddhism honorable.7. I control eight cats, two dogs, a guinea pig, a hamster, and a lure.