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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Of Course You Do

Of Course You Do
In the middle of this put down crumb about a New York City magick shop called Enchantments, I came kitty-cornered the following:

I had to ask: "Wherever do you guys stand on Satan?"

Eyes rolled. The Enchantments store stock is clear on the Web site: "We DO NOT occupy any items subject with black magick."

Several communication for the Enchantments personal - of course they occupy items that can be used for "black magick." That's in the same way as magick is a apparatus and whether a solution spell is "white" or "black" depends on the perception of the caster, not the implements employed. This is one of those misconceptions that comes from Hollywood lessons of spellcasting. How numerous films be marked with you seen in which the brave man and reprobate in a magical wage war be attracted to up alternative decorated beams of light to procure that one is good and the other is evil? I'm a big fan of occult themed B-movies, and let me charge you, it's very everyday in that genre.

I do understand why filmmakers do it, in the same way as (1) they really hardship to bring to life a magical wage war as a vista everyplace the two combatants exceed beams of light encircling in the same way as an actual magical wage war doesn't ventilate that informative, and (2) if both combatants' beams of light were dazed as the precise color the wage war would be tiring to tape in the same way as it would probably ventilate difficult. Excluding, this cinematic ability does bear out the suspicion that "black" and "white" magick are two totally area office armed forces in the main fluky to the determined lessons of good and evil. In specifics, magick is magick, and you can use the precise wand to cast a healing spell or a curse - it all depends on what you hardship to do.