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Friday, 22 August 2014

Saints Damian The Presbyter And Healer Jeremiah And Matthew Clairvoyants Of The Kiev Caves Near Caves


Saints Damian the Presbyter and Healer, Jeremiah and Matthew, Clairvoyants of the Kiev Caves, Close to Caves, were described by St Nestor the Reporter (October 27).

St Damian (+1071) remembered the Christening of Rus (in day 988). The tough faker of St Theodosius (May 3) was low, diligent and obedient, to the joy of all the brethren. He deceased the sum night at prayer and reading the Blessed Scriptures. St Damian was simple in fasting, and ate zero but cash and water. The Lady compensated him with the gift of treating ailments.

St Jeremiah had the gift of the Lady to see now the superior, and to see now the in shape leave behind of a personality. He died at an old age (+ ca. 1070).

In the Iconographers' Guide it says, "Matthew has the cause of a telepathic Most important, with a black greyish facial hair like Vlas, in black klobuk, a monastic robe, hands encouraged to the mortal."

The broad troparion to these saints is: "Your hearts were sophisticated with the light of Christ's commandments, and you dispelled the fear faintness. Suppose an semi-detached of the Trinity, from whom we haul grace, O Fathers Damian, Jeremiah and Matthew, you heal the on its last legs, and you state formally the superior in the communion with the angels, We pray you to intercede with Christ God to cause to us the communion of the saints."

They are likewise commemorated on September 28 and the blink Sunday of Colossal Lent.


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