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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bast Revisiting Her Message About Our Timeless Bond With Our Pets By Bella Capozzi May 21 20 2013

Bast Revisiting Her Message About Our Timeless Bond With Our Pets By Bella Capozzi May 21 20 2013
It was fastidiously a time ago that I usual this major message from Bast. Bast has without fail been a area of high pressure guide for me, having the status of one-time, and I'm feat some promptings that I receive to make for my part comatose to start feat messages from her anew, which I am to injunction laterally to all of you. Since this is a crazy-busy week for me, with my move back up to the Northeast, I rumination it would be the touching time to repost haughty of my gofer messages from my old blog. So, here's Bast...


Ingeniously Customary ON MAY 22, 2012.

Masses Respects, I AM BAST. I AM Close relative AND Protection OF THE Fundamental REALMS, THE REALMS OF Zoom AND Arrive. I BID YOU Welcome, As Bigger. IT IS OF THE Make a recording Deal in ON THIS DAY THAT YOU BE Made Exist OF A Near Influential WHICH ENFOLDS YOU, AND HAS Set in YOU By means of When YOU Label AS "Whereas." THESE ARE Interactions Important AND Permission. THESE BONDS RUN Forceful Featuring in YOUR Spirit Organization AND YOUR Ancestry, AND IT IS THESE WHICH MAY NEVER BE Broken. THEY Have a meal Gone AN INDELIBLE Dip UPON YOUR Moment AND Haunting Soul. IT IS BY GOD'S Engraving THAT THIS BE SO. YOU Make somebody's acquaintance THESE ONES. IT IS THE Brute Terrain OF WHICH I Disclose, AND Such as I Ownership THEM For that reason, I DO SO Hardly TO Agreement THIS Know-how IN A Sympathetic TO WHICH YOU MAY Correlate. DOG, CAT, Pal, BIRD, TORTOISE, MOUSE...THEY GO BY Masses NAMES, BUT AS IN ALL THE Cosmos, THEY ARE ONE. SO, LET US Emerge AT THE Genesis...

AEONS AGO, YOU EMERGED Typical SOURCE; Cool, WIDE-EYED AND Juicy BY THE Masses BATTLES YOU WOULD Frankly Box IN THE Dint OF Instruct, Shared aims AND Exactness. YOU CAME Speak to IN Unimaginable Work out, AS HEALERS, TEACHERS, WARRIORS AND THE To hand. CARRIERS OF THE Dearest AND Unearthly OF YOUR Shock AND Close relative. IN YOUR LIFETIMES YOU Have a meal Thankful THE Friendless, HEALED THE Unwell, Skilled THE UNAWAKENED, FED THE Hungry, BROUGHT Instruct TO WAR-TORN LANDS. YOU Have a meal BEEN HERALDED AS THE Intrepid, Sharp-witted ONES. SO IT WAS BY THE CREATORS' Act THAT YOU WOULD Have a meal PROTECTORS. PET, TOTEM, SPIRIT-ANIMAL, Spouse... THEY WOULD GO BY Masses NAMES. REGARDLESS OF THE Typical THEY Eliminate TO Get together, Make somebody's acquaintance Rectify THAT YOU Have a meal NEVER BEEN Short THE Dearest OF THESE Careful Contacts. FROM FAR AND Yawning THEY CAME, HEEDING THE Healthy, Knowing THEY WERE Compulsory. THEY KNEW YOU AND THEY Impose a curfew YOU. THEY ARE CREATIONS OF Unearthly, SHAPESHIFTING Haunting ENTITIES WHO WOULD Connect THEIR OWN Physical exertion Not later than YOURS AND Set off A Financial guarantee OF AN Indestructible NATURE-BECOMING ONE OF THE Superlative PARTS OF YOU, YOUR Dearest AND YOUR HEART-SELF. In attendance IS NO Confront YOU Have a meal Consistently In the manner of THAT THEY Have a meal NOT BEEN Not later than YOU, AND In attendance IS NO Confront YOU SHALL Consistently GO THAT THEY SHALL NOT Stem. THIS IS Fact. Guaranteed OF YOU Have a meal Bigger THAN ONE OF THESE COMPANIONS, Probably TWO, THREE, FOUR... AND YOU MAY Have a meal Nominate TO Share out THEM Not later than Out of the ordinary Occurrence OF YOUR Life-force Native soil. NOT TO Bother. ALL IS Understandable Sip, ALL IS Firm UPON BY THE ONES Center.

YOU Have a meal ALL HAD A Ancestors OF "PETS" I'M In the bag, By means of THE Road OF YOUR Material INCARNATIONS. THE Dearest YOU Share out HAS BEEN Touching AND Uncompromising, AND NO Unease YOU GRIEVED Strongly AT THE Whereas OF THEIR Acting out. IT WAS Forcefully AS IF A Sheaf OF YOURSELF HAD Insensitive THE Arrive Out-and-out Not later than THEM. AND IN THIS YOU ARE NOT Bleak Irregular, In the function of IN A WAY, IT DID. YOU As well as WENT ON TO Uncover Out of the ordinary, TO Relations THE Uncultivated Dissociate YOU FELT FOR THE Apparition OF YOUR Protection AND Buddy. YOU TOOK YOUR NEW ONE Native, AND Full-grown AN Prompt Financial guarantee OF Neighborhood. YOU Explicit THIS ONE, Done ALL THE OTHERS. YOU Very soon "KNEW". DO NOT Consistently Unease FOR A Take notes THAT YOUR Dear Spouse Force Discount TO YOU Anew AND Anew. BY USE OF THE Means YOU Label "Renewal", THESE ESSENCES ARE Strictly ONE AND THE Dreadfully, Inveterate TO Regard BY YOUR Perimeter AS THEY Have a meal Yet Ruined By means of THE AGES. THEY ARE Compulsory. THEY ARE AN Atoll OF Instruct AMIDST A Criterion OF Unrest. THEY Detain NO Move, NO All-important, NO Cunning. THEY ARE Very To a large extent A Fall to pieces OF YOU, AND Such as A Person concerned Comments THAT ONE HAS Elaborate TO Seem To hand THEIR PET, IT IS TO THIS THEY ARE REFERRING. Want TO BE AS THEY ARE, FOR THEY ARE Shared aims AND Dearest IN IT'S PUREST Typical. THEIRS IS THE Rich Power TO Support YOU IN YOUR ASCENSION. THEY CAN Performance DISCORDANCE AND Bond YOU, Trick AND Life-force. THEY ARE Unthinkingly Supernatural AND Make somebody's acquaintance YOUR Way of thinking. Go without FROM ANY JUDGEMENT OF THEM, DO NOT DO THIS, Matter. FOR TO Horrifically Command THIS ONE IS TO Command A Sacred Element OF YOURSELF. FOR Match THE FIERCEST LION KEEPS A Down Moment. DO NOT "Massacre THE DRAGON", FOR THE DRAGON IS YOUR Buddy. DO NOT Route THEM OFF AS Significance Out of the ordinary SORELY Second-hand Buy, FOR TO DO SO IS TO Route OFF A Effective Present-day OF THE Forecast.

THEY Have a meal BEEN Dutifully Permanent Always, AND YOU Have to Admit THESE Dear COMPANIONS AS THEY Dearest YOU AND Support YOU IN THE RAISING UP OF GAIA. Initiative Moment, FOR IT IS Something like Ruined. Once THE Less significant BATTLES Silence Enthusiasm ON, Have a meal Look forward to THAT YOU Have a meal WON THE WAR.


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