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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Why Do We Worship Allah

Why Do We Worship Allah
The plan of man on this earth and this being is to be keen on Allah lone. Dear represents outermost bid blended with farthest love for Allah. It encompasses the whole of religion and embraces all life with its various aspects. Why do we be keen on Allah? Why did Allah make His be keen on and control incumbent upon us, but He is in no operate of it? Equally is the plan of making the be keen on compulsory on us? Does our worshipping, purity, art on Him, observation to His commandments and prohibitions, lovely Him in any way? Or does the lovely go to us, His creation? Equally along with is that benefit? Is the plan honorable our control to His commands?

In fact, the be keen on of any of His slaves avails no lovely to Him(Commendation be to Him,) nor does the aim not permitted of any gaudy spirit from Him harm Him in any way. The Quran narrates the statement of Sulaiman -'Alaihi Al-Salam-. (Solomon) said: "This is by the Shine of my Lord!- to test me whether I am privileged or ungrateful! and if any is privileged, truly his recognition is (a bear) for his own soul; but if any is ungrateful, truly my Member of the aristocracy is Make up for of all Wishes, Ideal in Honour!" (27:40) Up-to-the-minute verse of Quran reads as follow: "O ye men! It is ye that storage space operate of Allah: but Allah is the One Make up for of all requirements, valuable of all veneration." (35:15)

Allah reveals despondent a hadith Qudsi: " O my servants, it is external your expertise to harm me; and it's external your expertise to avail any lovely for Me. O My servants, if all of you -first and contend, humans and jinn- were appreciate the one amid you with the record degenerate heart, that would profess zero not permitted from My stately."(Muslim).

I bad buy that if we are skillful to know the secure to inhabit perpetual questions -"From everywhere did I come? To Where shall I go? Why am here?- it become easy for us to know the secure to exclusive conundrum. The secure lies contained in the human being of man himself; in the human being of his mission on the earth and in the plan for which he was stationed in this life.

The worldly beings are not genuine the physical apparent that we concept and sight; one which anxiety it's potion of worldly materials and sip. The standard of man entirely lies in that creamy gear by which he became certified as a worldly essence and as blameworthy for all handiwork on earth. That gear is zero but the being which derives its energy and perfection from the recognizable feature with Allah (the Influential and the Grand). It is the be keen on of Allah which provides helping hand and nutrition to this being and dispenses its article requests, never straight away out nor depleting.

If rashness and darkness lay up on this metaphysical point and if the decay of slight and care languish it along with it is in era of famous tribulations that it may awaken up and get out this accumulated dust; the fire of ordeal and pain may surge and as a result destroy the decay. It is at this glasses case that the worldly essence without delay salary to Allah, calls out to Him and humbles himself otherwise Him. This is the fact that has been mentioned in the Qur'an and supported by the abiding actions of worldly life: "He it is Who enableth you to jaunt despondent land and sea; so that ye even board ships;- they journey with them with a favourable lurch, and they triumph thereat; along with comes a rainy lurch and the emission come to them from all sides, and they bear in mind they are essence overwhelmed: they cry unto Allah, rightly offering (their) pledge unto Him saying, "If thou dost deliver us from this, we shall truly photo our gratitude!" (10:22)

The worldly heart perpetually feels the operate for God. This is a stanch and gleaming suspicion, the vacuume of which cannot be gorged by anything in the being save for by a strong join with the Member of the aristocracy of Natural life. This is prickly is the facade of be keen on like performed reasonably.

Ibn Tymiyya states: "By human being, the heart is broke of Allah from two aspects: from the aspect of be keen on and from the aspect of recourse and confidence. The heart cannot be as it should be, cannot flower head, cannot be warm, cannot be positive, cannot apply, cannot gift jubilant, cannot be at still, nor can it be glad, but by the be keen on of its Member of the aristocracy lone, with His love and by ever-present to Him. If the heart attains all the relished fashioned bits and pieces, it nonetheless cannot be glad nor can it be at still, for instance it has its own untold operate to its Member of the aristocracy, who is its deity, beloved and the all-important One. Plus this does it (the collide with indulge and pleasure; pleasure and comfort; still and tranquallity."


Why do we be keen on Allah(God)? How do we be keen on Allah? How do we stereotype this worship? And what are the levels of worshiping Him? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers these questions by despoil us on a torment of the very plan of our being, the be keen on of Allah jalla jalaa lahu...Equally is Islam, Iman and Ihsan?"Seraph Noor"