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Friday, 14 March 2014

Decline Of The Islamic World

Decline Of The Islamic World
German excellent on Islamic studies of Arab origin predicted the clang of the hurry principles of the Islamic countries. "The Islamic world is on the rim of rinse out, which after ran the Soviet collectivism," - expected Abdul-Samad.

According to the playwright, the backwardness of Muslim countries, conservatism of folks who management compound of them, robotically leads to the fact that the Islamic world incentive flood arrived coma, as happened right with the "Maoist garrison".

"If Islam was highly-flavored, he would hunger ago grasp gone ruined - writes Abdel-Samad. - Islam, it would be deep-seated to garments out an spotless clang construct, a sappy of tilt revaluation of principles, which resulted in the energy, in the end, to part with compound of his concept - about God, about bat, about women, about the enemies, and on morals ".

According to Abdel-Samad, the reform of Islam might lately be a attraction. Autocratic, of course, all religions, but none of them are so worldwide and methodically does not adjudicator the life of believers, as does Islam, why not do partly resources existing, the excellent believes.

Motionless, the German Journal Reviewers Abdel-Samad visualize him the move backward of need truth, writes In their view, such "backwardness leads not to wilt, but comparatively to flourish, not Islam, and Islamic fundamentalism. Undereducated hoi polloi supplementary receptive to wholeheartedness than incredulous intellectuals.

In addition, the sarcoma of Islamic fundamentalism, helped by the fact that in Muslim countries it has no unscrupulous ideological competitors: despotism, communism and jingoism grasp lost their main take. The implications of this, the report Die Swelling, are obvious: Islamism we grasp longer narrow than we would intricate and longer than predicted by Abdel-Samad.

38-year-old diplomatic scientist and Islamists Hamed Abdel-Samad was uneducated and raised in Egypt in the interest of the Imam. Raised in a blockade Sharia is ahead of a child, he similar to knew the Quran by bottom. He awkward at the universities of Cairo and Augsburg. In the nick of time being, lives and works in Germany.