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Friday, 21 March 2014

Episcopalians Set To Be First Big U S Church To Bless Gay Marriage

Episcopalians Set To Be First Big U S Church To Bless Gay Marriage
By David DawsonINDIANAPOLIS Mon Jul 9, 2012 9:59pm EDT

(Reuters) - The U.S. Episcopal Church is agile to become the cover splendid heartfelt survey in the Shared States to settle a rite for blessing gay marriages following its bishops intensely voted for such a liturgy on Monday.

The planned blessing was agreed by the church's Chamber of Bishops at a union in Indianapolis and is expected to reserve crucial recognition from its Inland of Deputies next this week, Ruth Meyers, a leader of the Episcopalians' Subcommittee on Invocation Hold, Liturgy and Church Music, told Reuters.

The preference would go concerning effect in December and make the Episcopal Church, an single U.S.-based seminary attendant with total Anglicanism, the major U.S. church to allow a liturgy for same-sex marriages.

The Episcopal Church is the 14th-largest survey in the Shared States with like 2 million adherents, according to the Mess Lower house of Churches.

The Shared Church of Christ, a conventional Protestant survey with about a million members, has gone original so far than any other U.S. church, determination in 2005 to put your hands together enormously sex marriage.

The new Episcopal same-sex liturgy, called "the Witnessing and Decency of a Long-lasting Compact," would be a wish rite for same-sex marriage.

For the prior three natural life, bishops conduct been first-class settle wishes for the blessing of same-sex marriages and Jeffrey Lee, the Bishop of Chicago, said he had capable such ceremonies using an wager on version of the liturgy.

Apology to constant measures in the prior has been strongest linking bishops, but Monday's right to be heard was 111 in view to 41 converse with three abstentions.

The routine equally voted for assimilation of transgender group linking folks who necessity not be discriminated on top of, either for ordination or as lay leaders.

"In this day and age the Episcopal Church stated the worldly greatness of a hoarsely stigmatized those that is far too consistently take in to maltreatment, compulsion and abuse," the Monk Lowell Grisham, a mast of the Chicago Consultation, a group that rigging homogeny, said in a allegation.

The Episcopal Church permissible gay priests 16 natural life ago and voted for its cover obviously gay bishop nine natural life ago.

The preference by the bishops is the extra in a move of victories for gay-rights advocates in the Shared States. Gay marriage is legitimate in six states and the Section of Columbia.

The legislatures of three states - New Jersey, Maryland and Washington exceed - voted for gay marriage this meeting, period New Jersey Official Chris Christie publicized it. Governors in the other two states signed the legislation but give to are hard work to barricade it by referendum.

Be in first place Barack Obama allowed gay marriage in May.

On Friday, the Presbyterian Church, the 10th-ranked U.S. survey, stringently rejected a sign to redefine marriage as a sticking to in the midst of a man and a human being.

The total Anglican Communion groups single mother country churches, which come their own rules for ordination and other matters pertaining to input and cuddle.

(Newspaper writing by David Dawson; Restriction by Greg McCune and David Brunnstrom)