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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Monastery Of Koutloumousiou Holy Mountain Letter Signing Of The Confession Of Faith

Monastery Of Koutloumousiou Holy Mountain Letter Signing Of The Confession Of Faith
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Monastery of Koutloumousiou, Pastoral Fence

Announcement - signing of the "Tribute of Wish"

Pastoral Ceremony Stavropegic and Patriarchical

Monastery of Koutloumousiou

Pastoral Fence, Athos


To the Marshal of Formulaic Clerics and Monks of Thessaloniki

Honourable and adore in Christ brothers and co-celebrants

All through this donation sacred hermetically sealed and undersigned monastic Announcement, we appear in, first, by expressing our appreciation, as distant for Your dogged blessings on the dinner of the Holy Resurrection and Ascension of our Despota Jesus, as moreover population and all the rest included in Your 31-05-2009 idea of Your Marshal. Then we wish to inform you, that Your patronizing idea and its encircled imitation, which arose from Your stiff and blessed trepidation and Your good mood and mood of responsibility of Your desire, so that You may wake up the conscience of the Formulaic opposed to the wreak havoc on going on within the framework of Ecumenism that has traditional immense point honest the sanctimonious schemes of devotional communication and joint effort with the heterodox and non-christians of some fall apart of the new-found Formulaic Build up, Your fine titled "Tribute of Wish Opposed to Ecumenism" has found us from tip to toe in treaty with the determination questioning happy and brought us wholly to Your rush.

Consequently the Marshal of Elders of our Pastoral Monastery decided unanimously that the said Tribute be signed moreover by us.

On this we put your hands together You and pray that the commemorated Best Pastoral Move on strengthen You in the connect of the donation grab climax it with His blessings of accomplishment, we delay with exact love and brotherly love in the Lord and God Jesus.

The Abbot of the Pastoral Coenobium of Koutloumousiou

Archimandrite Christodoulos and with me the in Christ brothers.