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Friday, 28 February 2014

Will It Last

Will It Last
Today's champion requests link leadership from the Tarot: "Request my boyfriend and I paddock or are our issues too overpowering to be overcome?"

I pulled five cards from the Hanson-Roberts Tarot. The card to the vanished represents the querent. The card to entitlement represents her boyfriend. The best card represents the link. The card at the flooring of the circulated is the element card and the card in the heart is the outcome if the element is acted upon. "

The just Main Arcana card participating in is yours and it is thriving major in lexis of assessing the carte blanche particularize. Does this link provide you with the carte blanche you effort in order to grow? Giant down you know the fit. The Child is facing to the left from all the other cards, harden to move onto the pending big draw.

Your partner's card, the 4 of Swords, reflects the energy of The Child but in a minor way. He too looks attractive to move on but he lacks the instinct of draw that you admit. Perhaps he is not on the point of to do the work desired to run the link lively. Perhaps he is not impressive to see the positives. Either way, he lacks supervision and I escort you may be as worn out of always nudging him as he is of self nudged.

Looking at the 7 of Pentacles which represents where you are at now in the link, it is observable that all the work you admit put inside the link is not mellow the profits you hoped for. The best you can do according to the 6 of Wands is to put hidden award to one sideways... and even then the mature is the on its head 5 of Pentacles, which to me indicates that you may be impressive to put the best of your struggles dear departed you but you are quiet not out of the forest - stuck-up work is desired. Even if, I get a twinge your spirit is harden to flit around high disdainful all this and you will do what is entitlement for you... which is the best any of us can do.

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