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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Procession Of The Honorable Wood Of The Life Giving Cross Of The Lord First Of The Three Feasts Of The Savior In


The Caravan of the Imposing Kindling of the Life-Creating Mask of the Lord: In the Greek Horologion of 1897 the basis of this Supper is explained: "To the same extent of the illnesses that perform in Elegant, it was typical, in earliest times, to carry the Imposing Kindling of the Mask scheduled the streets and squares of Constantinople for the sanctification of the city, and for transfer from disease. On the eve (July 31), it was diligent out of the grandeur safe, and laid upon the altar of the Older Cathedral of Hagia Sophia (the Dispute of God). From this Supper until the Dormition of the Maximum Angelic Theotokos, they carried the Mask surrounding the city in walk in single file, bestow it to the people to exalt. This in the same way is the Caravan of the Imposing Mask."

In the Russian Cathedral this Supper is combined in the same way with the in memory of the Baptism ceremony of Rus, on Elegant 1, 988. In the "Complaint of the Distinguish of Services in the Angelic, Catholic and Apostolic Older Cathedral of the Dormition," compiled in 1627 by order of Patriarch Philaret of Moscow and All Rus, acquaint with is the support classification of the Feast: "On the day of the Caravan of the Imposing Mask acquaint with is a church walk in single file for the sanctification of water and for the justification of the people, surrounding all the towns and seats."

Skill of the day of the actual Baptism ceremony of Rus was conserved in the Records of the sixteenth century: "The Baptism ceremony of the Older Prince Vladimir of Kiev and all Rus was on Elegant 1."

In the donation practice of the Russian Cathedral, the Juvenile Dedication of Tube on Elegant 1 is done either to the lead or in arrears Liturgy. To the same extent of the Fate of Tube, this primary Supper of the Champion in Elegant is sometimes called salvation of the Tube." Communicate may in the same way be a Fate of New Dear today, which is why the Supper is in the same way called "Champion of the Dear." From this day the just now gathered tenderness is blessed and tasted.

TROPARION - Make proportionate 1

O Noble, stockpile Your people,And bless Your inheritance!Grant victories to the Traditional person ChristiansOver their adversaries.And by decency of the Mask,Tend Your habitation!

KONTAKION - Make proportionate 4

As You were easily crucified for our sake,Make available consideration to ancestors who are called by Your name;Make all Traditional person Christians pleased by Your power,Recognition them victories patronizing their adversaries,By bestowing on them the invincible mug, Your incise of peace!