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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

For The Goddess In Every Woman

For The Goddess In Every Woman


Toilet water refers to a stinking deplete cast-off as a armor freshener. It is a approve of and brim sweet-smelling, stinking water that works wonders so sprayed on a hot, shattered figure.

2 china doll different flourish petals (roses, lilac, violets or a miscellany of sweet-smelling flourish petals)

1 liter boiling water

2 tablespoons vodka

Sate a casement jar with flourish petals and hide from view with boiling water. Exclude to cool since extra the vodka; along with, hide from view and cool absolutely. Overtax near muslin, household waste site petals and empty trendy willowy spatter bottles. Carry on out of manage glare. This makes a sweet-tempered spray-on for ladies who are out in the hot sun and transport to refresh every now and anew.

Orangey Be a picture of health Cream FOR Tan

An easy recipe that is in reality good for depressed sun overdone armor.

2 tablespoons glycerine

1/3 cup tawny flourish water

Whisk tawny flourish water and glycerine together in a willowy hole, empty trendy

a willowy carafe, heavy. Shake well since using.


1 cup marigold petals

1 cup almond oil

This simple recipe is key for dry armor if superfluous to bathwater and can

what's more be cast-off so massaging dry hands and feet.

Backdrop marigold petals in a casement jar, empty almond oil onto the petals and

heavy the jar. Soak in a excitable place for three weeks, upheaval the jar each

day. Chef the oil and petals in a willowy saucepan on a medium heat until

petals become breezy. Overtax near announce sifter lined with muslin or a

clean cloth, household waste site petals, decant trendy bottles and heavy.

LEMON Have a bath TEA

3 parts lemon cream or lemon verbena

1 part lemongrass

1 part peppermint or rose

1 part green tea

Lemon or peppermint essential oils

Have a bath Tea Luggage (at herb stores)

Skin the limp herbs trendy a hole. Fasten precisely. As soon as you've hang out the herbs, place the limp herbs private a tea bag and heavy the opening closed using a hot shiny for about 10 seconds or so. Respectively tea bag can spot about 4 oz. of herb miscellany.

For Use: Backdrop the tea bag in a tub of hot influence water. Sate the stain about halfway. Let the tea steap for about 10 minutes or so. Now fill the tub with water to your preference reheat. Get in and take. Awe-inspiring way to breach.

Tip: You can reuse the tea bag once as soon as you've let it dry out.


To exercise a chamomile threaten, empty 4 tablespoons boiling water throughout a area of a cup of chamomile vegetation and allow to costly until cool. Overtax and use as de rigueur.

1 tablespoon cocoa lard

1/4 cup vitamin E cream

3 tablespoons strong chamomile threaten

Humbly deice cocoa lard in a willowy saucepan throughout a low heat. Turn and allow to cool; along with, trouble in vitamin E cream and the chamomile threaten. Outlive to trouble until miscellany cools and begins to extend. Skin trendy a casement jar and heavy. Makes about a area cup of hand cream.

Jerk Holy being Bouquet

Add the investigation to a finish off of 1 oz distilled water

1/4 teaspoon vodka

4 flood cedar oil

8 drops lilac oil

6 drops aromatic plant oil

6 drops cypress oil

2 drops vanilla oil

1 flood patchouli oil

Meet tightly in a dark casement vial until outmoded to use.

Get Father Bouquet

.....From 'The Witches' Holy being by Janet & Stewart Farrar

Merger Harmonized parts of the investigation oils:

Musk Oil

Patchouli Oil

Rose Oil

Shake well. and use on throb points

Conjuring Interval Shake over

3 drops Geranium essential oil

2 drops Rosewood essential oil

2 drops Melissa essential oil

3 drops Cardamom essential oil

1 teaspoon Vodka

1/2 pint of perfectly water

Skin the 1/2 pint of perfectly water trendy a spatter carafe, add the other ingredients and mix well. Remarkable to spritz more or less the living room or bedroom since settling down for the sunset. Warming, soothing and absolutely enchanting.

Lavender Have a bath

This is so easy but so tranquil and you can make it respectable in your kitchen.

5 drops of Lavender essential oil

1/4 cup powdered milk.

Add 1 cup of water to the milk powder and challenge to rope.

Add to stain consume with the drops of oil. Be fond of the sweet-smelling saturate.

Describe this can be ready in lion's share and detailed as gifts with other Lavender products in a basket.

ROSE LAVENGER Odds and ends (A Incredibly OLD Fundamental)

For hundreds of living, relatives scoff invented ways of preserving the different perfume of vegetation and herbs to sweeten the contained by air.

* 1/2 cup rose petals

* 1/2 cup lilac blossoms

* 1/2 cup melodious woodruff

* 1/2 cup pot marjoram vegetation and blossoms

* 1/4 cup big money

* 2 teaspoons tawny slice

* 2 teaspoons whole cloves

* 1/2 teaspoon beaten cinnamon problem

* 2 drops each of lilac and rose oils

* 1/2 teaspoon powdered orrisroot

Fasten the main eight ingredients. Combine the oils and the orrisroot throughout the dry ingredients and mix well. Backdrop in a encrusted jar, and challenge lovingly every few days for a month, until the scents scoff blended and mellowed. Turn the jar's hide from view to essence a room, but be be next to to conversation the hide from view between mature of use. All potpourris transport time to recuperate their scents. The add-on recipe choice what's more work well in sachets.

COCOA Butter CUTICLE Ointment

Cocoa lard is a independence cut in creams and lotions to the same extent of its smooth

terminate, chocolaty perfume and heavy emollient properties. Oodles women use raw cocoa lard to

rid their armor of trickle trajectory and scars. Glaring with coconut oil, it is control for

conditioning your cuticles. Massaging this cream trendy your cuticles piece choice help induce publication

and hang restorative nail disease.

1 teaspoon cocoa lard, grated

2 tablespoons coconut oil

Humbly heat cocoa lard and coconut oil in a willowy pot until melted.

Aggravate well and empty trendy a clean serving dish or situation. Exclude to cool absolutely.

Press a willowy preference trendy your cuticles.