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Tuesday, 2 July 2013


It is crucial that we not lose administrate of our in the past generation we temper to the prevailing. Grant is an vulnerability to put aside that which is simple and/or old-fashioned, and hence skip about it; remote of exploit can be lost thereby. Unthinkingly we requirement confrontation for relevancy, but we shouldn't overcompensate and become one-sided in the
other command. Even though *we* may not be farmers or hunters, in attendance similar are such people; not all old apparatus is antediluvian.

For example, I am not a techie, I am a recitalist, a poet, a author of fantasy falsehood, all unable to be realized stuff to be in this fast- paced progress of yuppies and other competetive types. Therefore
an due modern, tech/science/et al - sloping Neopagan progression
would be as far-off to me as an rural progression is to most
of us. While I do is a craft of in the past centuries, I am an artisan, not a scientist or capitalist. Grant are similar a few of us

In fact, all the members but one of my coven, Firestar, and its
simultaneous study group are living deputy lifestyles -- too
me we dine a critic, a striking inventor, and a professional
student (living off a overweight heritage and in receipt of a speed in Illusion as Religion from Cal). And as for our High Priestess and
Priest -- well, they are beyond classification! So we may find
such archaicisms above earnest to us than "real-world" persons

By its very (?) a Pagan Partisan Method at a school dearest (?)
should dine a top-quality prevalence of engineers and scientists -- this is no above the whole world than agriculture or hunting are
(at the same time as one ability view the "dealing mess" as a progress of hunter/gatherers...;->) -- but it creates a assorted tranquility of working group.

So, in order to make happy everyone, should we allow up on any compassion of generalised system? This ability not be incredible, as the
guilds of old had their especial income (eg, the Masons). If so,
the brainteaser is: how do we build these systems from scratch?

If such seperateness seems divisive, a key way ability be to
dine a quite nationwide progression with financier deities for the
occupations -- this would be no above divisive than the Catholic
progression of financier saints. I, for one, sincerely soup?on get better in difficult a libation for Odin and Bragi when I've prepared a sale, or desire to (!); whether one believes in deities or not, this is
similar an signal, a be the cause of whose effect may or may not become unambiguous. Grant are sincerely adequate deities to go around!

For that reason what nationwide progression ability we construct? Even though some concepts, images, and archetypes may mean less to us today
(though they sincerely dais in the mutual unconscious),
in attendance are yet population which are usual (male and female, and their ages and abilities; earth, sky, natural armed such as
weather and tectonics; others?
). These requirement be a part of any such progression as we call up the divine being in ourselves (ya can't get rid of the Goddess and God that easy!).

While tools requirement be used? Knives, swords, sickles, goods less charge for us, as they are not so remote part of our essay life
(tho profuse SCA persons mettle challenge me on the attempt. I know, I wear one too...). But best china and dishware remain with us, as well as pots, and hammers, gavels, even the conductor's club. These are
such commonplace stuff, but when summit to chalice,
paten/pentacle, cauldron, wand, become everything special. So
requirement we terminate to use the other tools and more willingly come and get somebody other commonplace notes to the level of ritual objects? On the other
hand, in attendance is everything authentically stunning in a cute and skillfully-handled sword. We takes our energy where on earth we gets it, yes?

While accompaniments ability we make? We would dine to pay attention to even the minor-seeming stuff. Would we alter the elemental
system? I ambiance not, for the elements as they at the present time stand influence, in one form or brand new, all aspects of life. But
if we did, how would we do it, and similar be dangerous (it's very
easy to make silly quarters!

[A fastest on briny for population depressing with "archaicisms": briny has been a purifying demonstrative for ages, and similar is, in profuse assorted systems -- British, Mediterranean, even Romany. And I ambiance the
persist of Koshering sample with briny is as remote a meticulous of sanitization as leeching out blood. So the symbology of briny has
less to do with an antediluvian apparatus than with its basic
action, acknowledged by profuse peoples.]

Finally, as for the rotund of the time, whether we observe or branch or not, the seasons are a part of our lives; weather affects us, and
even though we buy crop in supermarkets, nomadic changes in
guess, peculiarity and availability are reminders. Nil says
"SUMMER AT LAST!" to me dearest a overweight, stinking peach (arg! how I miss and call forward to them!). Such as I was a student on the
zone progression at Cal, I was even above in handle with the rotund.

And if we terminate to identify the leave-taking of the seasons, we lose handle with the earth, which, if we are to set aside her as she requirement be aloof, should not be as long as. I am not saying "Ah, for the goode olde days in advance the uncouth Ad Uprising disturbed
us from Blood relation Snuggle and promoted filthiness and strip-mining and other land-rape.
" I am saying that if we are to be present "in beauty upon the earth" as the Hopi say, we requirement at nominal identify some tie with her seasonally, if at no other time. The domicile
and cross-quarters are good time for this, in the role of it is in
earth's changes that she is most cute. As well which, the
feasts and festivals are now, as they dine endlessly bene, an
opportunity for a community to precise, link, and original.

But life is surer these days -- we no longer terrorization the unlimited night of Aloof Solstice, in the role of we know we won't starve. We are above well-off in the physical world in the role of it is renowned to us now. Is in attendance a proper to ritual any more? Prettily, yes:

Ultimately, we should turn from mundanity. We should not become so
jammed up in Suggest that we lose the specialness of what we
do, the knowledge of intrude on, the knowledge that we can do marvels.

Grant is a special liability in creature one's own priest, in
mastery of one's own powers. We should set aside this in attend to, with ineffectiveness. Gone apologies to O. Henry, we are the Magi.

by Leigh Ann "SeaHawk" Hussey