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Sunday, 30 June 2013

In Velt Ouis Velt

In Velt Ouis Velt

Sefer HaBahir, verse 3 give a price of

"Calibrate interpretation: How do we know that Torah is called a blessing?"

The afterward memo subsequent the demo of Yenon, is the memo dalet. Talmud uses dalet as an Aramaic prefix meaning "that", "which", "from" or "of". One example of this is the look "mitzvah doraitah" (mitzvah "from the Torah"). As a result, the word - positively money, "of the Torah".

Dalet as well represents the tetragrammaton. Thus, what we carry on here in the word is the Torah and Hashem in model Accord.

The proto-Canaanite memo dalet is called digg, at the same time as Hebrew dag, each one meaning fish. Unusually, the memo nun of the former word, as well money fish. Fish scraps connects the lamednun (meaning "to fish") of to the word, creating the profession anywhere Hashem, the Torah and the "lamednunnik" are as well in model Accord, anywhere the fish swims in the interminable () Presage Mind eat dalet, yet calm remainder essential to "apportioned" sincerity () eat nun.

"in velt ouis velt - in the world and out of the world"


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