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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Maya Deren Haitian Footage

Maya Deren Haitian Footage

Transcript ON MAYA DEREN'S HAITIAN Video recording.

(c) Moira Sullivan, 1998. See in the same way "Maya Deren's Ethnographic Type of State and Legend in Haiti", Moira Sullivan, in "Maya Deren and the American Unprejudiced", Take out Nichols, editor, 2001.

Picture Run BY MAYA DEREN IN HAITI CA 1950, Good manners OF BOSTON University MUGAR Documents Individual COLLECTIONS

Maya Deren's key cassette of 20,000 feet was explosion in Haiti clothed in trip in 1947, 1949 and 1954. It is stored at "Anthology Coating Archives" in New Metropolitan area and not often featured in their vinyl program. (You can know that the cassette be deliberate at a fee). Too, all of Deren's films are archived about plus outtakes from her films and some unfair work.The "Haiku" project, "Medusa" and parts from "Witches Crib" with Marcel Duchamp).

The documentary vinyl "Blessed Horsemen, the Buzzing Gods of Haiti" by Teiji and Cherel Ito is an assembled vinyl of some of the best parts of the cassette with enjoyable.mega ( Parts are read from Deren's monograph "Blessed Horsemen.") It be required to be understand up till now that this is the Ito's piece work equally Deren insisted that a vinyl was both a product of the camera and bowdlerization. At that time, the Ito care is a fabrication of the be of importance. Donald Cosentino refers to Deren's 'surrealistic bowdlerization, an opinion which can be ascribed to the Ito put together. The vinyl is a good introduction to Deren's cassette.

Rare breed OF Anthology Coating Archives Acquire OF DEREN'S Video recording

In 1972, Anthology Coating Archives received from Copse Persuade five cartons of films in a number of canisters of the work of Maya Deren in Haiti owned by Barney Rossett. A necessary variety of the satisfied was as follows: "The general set of Haitian reels is observably sultry and repetitious in jovial with few exceptions. For the upper limit part the action involves Haitian population difficult in Voudoun ritual and dancing. This includes mystical drawings finished on the stagger, the oft-repeated expense of chickens or cocks and paltry goats, accompanied by seated drummers, Put on are unlike instances of ugly church fits of laughter and about 400 feet of Mardi Gras fair." (ready money by Anthology Coating Archives, Linda Patton, 1972)

The physical set of the cassette were in a be given of parentage with lessen and crowdedness and declining of the tonal characteristic due to aging. Definite of the splices were old and necessary of check. Anthology Coating Archives restored the prints in reprinting and correction of the key splices.


In 1973, Cherel Winnett and Teiji Ito requested to edit Deren's cassette.Teiji Ito, (Maya Derens husband at the time of her death), was enjoyable editor who had recorded music in Haiti which was to be used in the vinyl.Cherel Winett, vinyl editor, who had affected vinyl at the San Francisco Art Tidiness finished the documentary"Blueberry Summer". According to Anthology Coating Arhives curator Jonas Mekas, they were advised not to work with the the cassette while of its regard and age which would expose the innocently ongoing be of importance on Deren's work in Haiti. In an drill for financial support to edit Deren's cassette in 1973, Mekas supervised the hypothetical project, matched by "Mr. Teiji Ito and Ms. Cherel Winnett". One keep score of the buffed project wretchedly is that some of the key cassette can not be viewed in the key program as it was cut out of the be of importance.

According to the reduced seizure, put forward was 18,000 feet or libel and thankful (re)work of art. Half of the cassette was requested to be optically treated with enjoyable put somewhere else and bowdlerization..

Parts of the introduction to "Blessed Horsemen"were quoted plus Deren's recite that the movement for a vinyl was wherever together with her possessions and her cassette was detached in "a fire-proof box in her stall". One of the upper limit a pain setbacks of Deren's run was her thump to release the cassette and she tried numerous become old to think it proven for anthropological use--and denied while she was an onlooker to the responsibility. Matter-of-factly, " Blessed Horsemen "is not rushed a classic study of Haitian Voudoun.

"Blessed Horsemen: The Buzzing Gods of Haiti," from the assign of Deren's monograph, was liberated in 1977.

Condition Entry

The Ito collected works which claims to accompany cassette 1947 to 1951 in the same way includes be of importance from 1954. Put on is some bringing together of enjoyable to image such as nature peeping or their wings fluttering but the fundamental demur is on the music of the ceremonies--in appreciate "ceremonie caille"(described base by Deren). The narrators were John Genke with Joan Pape reading a hasty variety of the Agwe make an exhibition of. Control is on the divergent "loa", or gods and goddesses in Voudoun make an exhibition of plus Legba, Ogun, Ghede, Erzulie, Damballah and Azacca and Agwe--with casualness of the appreciate vevers.

Condition inconsistencies with Deren's key be of importance are the inoculation of casualness of the loa Damballah after the closeup of an symbol under acquisition concrete inside a petite of be of importance from the Agwe ceremony; a want very much explosion of a "La-place " (individual) to the " houngan "(priest) Isnard in 1947 coming loose a replacement introducing the "Boeuf Azacca" make an exhibition of in 1949; and cassette from 1954 trade fair the Haitian boy Jacques ham it up the juba intercut with Mardi Gras be of importance. Definite use of matching motion is used such as Jacques and the bond twirlers and the pelvic motion of a beast possessed by Ghede with the pelvic movements of bond twirlers at Mardi-Gras. The films ends with a freeze standpoint of Ghede at the Mardi Gras. (all postproduction by the Ito's).

BOSTON University MUGAR Documents Individual COLLECTIONS, Put OF THE " MAYA DEREN Pile up"

Marie Deren, Maya's mother, bequeathed her tardy daughter's papers, photographs and enjoyable recordings to "Boston University Mugar Documents Individual Collections" which is the biggest mind for Deren researchers in the world. One out of the ordinary document to be found put forward is Deren's "Hold to Haiti Coating Catalogue", a explosion variety of 5400 ft of her best cassette from Haiti. This tumbledown is the best movie for understanding her cassette. The vinyl was estranged inside seventeen sections. The primary eight reels were for the eight day ceremonie caille filmed in 1947; the at that moment four reels were sections she refilmed of the make an exhibition of in 1949; the carry five reels were dance festivals and ceremonies, dates between 1949 and 1954.


Waver 1 Ceremonies, Yam, Legba and Institution

Waver 2 Ceremonies Ogoun and part of Azacca

Waver 3 Ceremonies Azacca continued

Waver 4 Ceremonies Azacca continued

Waver 5 Ceremonies Ghede

Waver 6 Filming make an exhibition of

Waver 7 Filming make an exhibition of

Waver 8 Filming make an exhibition of

REELS IX Ended XII are pressed from 1949

Waver 9 Aguet

Waver 10 GHEDE

Waver 11 Dancing at Isnards, Dancing at Institution

Waver 12 Congo Dancing

REELS XIII Ended XVII are divergent aspects of Haitian culture/and or dance

Waver 13 Mardi Gras [cassette of the open market and fair]

Waver 14 Rara [cassette of Haitian dance open market in efficiently]

Waver 15 Walking [a pre-planned program of Haitian women walking to feel]

Waver 16 Titon dancing-- Petro, Juba, Martinique [pre-planned program of Haitian dances]

Waver 17 Boeuf Azacca [part of a make an exhibition of to the loa]







Individual Release : " CEREMONIE CAILLE "

A variety of the eight-day make an exhibition of "ceremonie caille " in "Blessed Horsemen" provides a pedigree to this footage: "Sunday: Action de Grace; Monday Support for les Marassa [Blessed twins] and les Morts (the mutual dead]; in the evening, the coucher yam [ritual someplace yams are laid to tranquillity at night],slowly afternoon and evening,feasting of Legba, Loco, Ayizan, Damballah, Ayida, Erzulie and Agwe; and their escorts (these loa are not rushed to be on very good disclaimer and unlock to to the same degree served together);Wednesday: Ogoun with a dance in the evening in his honor; Thursday: Azacca, or Erzulie, or perhaps one of the other loa; Thursday: Azacca, or Erzulie, or perhaps one of the other loa particularly prominent to the hounfor; Friday: Ghede; Saturday, the Petro loa; Sunday: repeatedly a bapteme[first use], followed by a reception; Monday: a apposite loa perhaps a work loa such as Mounanchou. If possible, each loa is served on the day of the week sacred to him. The procedure is, by and large,to perform the symbol make an exhibition of either in the mid-morning or in the slowly afternoon, the same as the rest of the day is put up the shutters to the layout of pitch,and in the evening, put forward is generally a danse de rejuissance in hold of the loa feasted that day. ("Blessed Horsemen", p. 212.)


AZACCA =loa of development

GHEDE =loa of the Dead

ERZULIE =loa of love

AGWE =loa of sea

LEGBA = loa of the crossroads

DAMBALLAH =ancient serpent loa

OGOUN = loa of war

DAMBALLAH AND AYIDA= unrivaled parents

LOCO AND AYIZAN =priestly parents

PETRO LOA = nanchon (band) of loa of American origin

RADA LOA = nanchon of loa of Dahomean origin

Video recording AS Hush-hush AT Anthology Coating Archives, NEW YORK. (DEREN'S MARKING= [MD] )

CBS ODYSSEY 303 B 305 306 Includes unlike ceremonies, plus Agwe.

#306 600 ft 16mm rigorous. From 400 ft can labeled "Odyssey". Benefit tell poteau mitan.

[MD] A2978 Haiti Voudoun. Waver 1 of 2. Waver 2 of 2. A2977. Pork and goat. 400'cans labeled CBS Odyssey. Pork and goat concession to loa. Tuesday-Goats.

#305 outs 300 ft.

#303 A+B 300 ft [MD]: Titon, Juba, Martinique, Titon XV, XVII Azacca Boeuf.

#303B Walking. From XVI Walking.

PT. I - IV HAITI # 304 (One and all 4325 ft=17.300 ft.) Ceremonie caille. Isnard Monday Yam and Legba, PM Agassou. Tuesday Maison. Wednesday Ogoun and Azacca. Agwe;--barque d'Agwe [raft of hand-outs to Agw'e set to sea] make an exhibition of on cutter. Ghede, Congo make an exhibition of.

PT V HAITI # 300 1825 ft Yam and Ghede, Mardi Gras.

PT VI HAITI #300 1825 ft., Haiti 1954 [MD]: Joe & Isnard. Benefit, bull, Ghede,Mardi Gras, In altar, cold exaggeration of vever. Jacques ham it up juba, home of Haitian people.

Split up VII #302 1825 ft. Joe and Isnard [MD] :XIII, XIV Rada, XII-XIX Mardi Gras, XVI Walking.