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Friday, 7 June 2013

How To Use Ritual Tools Part 5 Storage

How To Use Ritual Tools Part 5 Storage
Stow of Ritual Gear eventually plagues every witch, it seems.

The key to good sustain is to grasp that your WICCAN Gear are sacred stow, with a consciousness of their own. They necessary be treated with honor.

HOW TO Keep YOUR Ritual Gear

Ideally, you can enclose a bombastic treasure chest or everything particular to store your Ritual Gear while they're not in use.

Ritual Chest

However, in our endure a cardboard box can work, as yearn for as it's a fine one, and clean. And faint adequate that you don't call for to put by bits and pieces on top of other bits and pieces.

But make it exceptional than shoving bits and pieces out of site. You may possibly use some fine hankie paper to store them in. (Collect some up cut-rate at omit stores.)

Another good option is to find waste of fine fabrics, and sew pouches for your ritual stow. Easy fabrics are clearly best. You don't call for to sew them yourself, of course, but pouches are very easy, and putting your tact arrived them incentive end in your tact to the stow that are stored in them.

Compliant mini-drawers are not recommended. Compliant is very spongy and incentive spoil your Ritual Gear.

Where on earth TO Keep YOUR Ritual Gear

Keep up your Ritual Gear under the altar if at all possibility. Or the length of it if rudimentary... as exact as may be.


If there's too remote to fit, chances are you call for to liberation some. This is actually eternally a good objective. (See Disposal of Your Ritual Gear, above.)


If you are in call for of any of the above Ritual Gear you can find them here:

ALTAR AND Ritual Gear