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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Astrological Notes On Rohini

Astrological Notes On Rohini

At the moment moon is travel Rohini in the sky

The star Rohini is special in the sky and in Jyothisha too.

Rohini is the hardly star which stimulus be habitually occulted by Moon and planets in the sky. It is when it lies close to the ecliptic.

This has explicit accelerate to the story of Chandra human being chief attentive of Rohini stuck between his 27 wives (the 27 wives illustrate the 27 stars of the zodiac.)

Among other stars Revathy likewise lies close to the ecliptic.

Rohini, specified as Aldebaran is no matter which special.

It can not be missed in the autumn sky somewhere the trapezium twisted Orion is a celebration to the eyes.

Rohini lies close to Orion but it is part of the constellation Taurus, the Bull.

The V- figure of the bull's aspect can not be missed, with a bright and orangey painted Rohini in one of the arms of the V -shaped formation of stars.

On the other arm, that is, on the other shore of Rohini, a two star formation poverty be noted to confirm that you are for sure looking at the bull's aspect.

The other matter star in this part of the sky is the Krittika (Pleiades), a imprecise jumble of stars which in fact is a galaxy by itself.

From Puranic lore and Sangam texts (Paripaadal) we can meet that this galaxy of Kritthika had come quicker to our galaxy in the beyond, causing some tension in our perform. The polish was the loss of 6 associate stars of the Saptha rishi Mandala (Ursa Imposing) in the role of the 7th one, namely Arundhathi secluded managed to persist in amongst us' - I mean with the star 'vasishta' of the saptha rishis.

Redecoration of the weighing machine of our perform of stars from this melee is coupled with Peer of the realm Kaarthikeya!

Yet unlike matter star close to Rohini is Arudra, specified as Betelgeuse.

This can be easily acknowledged as the bright red star at one of the corners of the Orion.

This is one of the oldest stars in the perfect animation of its life. It is a very matter one from astrological accept of view. The hardly other oldest star in the 27 star perform is 'Jyeshta' (Antares) or 'Kettai'.

It is attractive to proof that the two oldest stars namely Arudra and Jyeshta lie extreme to each other in the sky.

Out of the ordinary attractive information is that in the role of Jyeshta is close to the galactic centre (close at hand Sagittarius or Dhanush), Arudra is seen superfluous the outside edges of our galaxy.

A deeper study poverty be done in astrology and puranas to find out whether any better claim had been put forward to Arudra.

For, Arudra is the lorded by Rudra or the Destroyer God.

It was of worth to olden Tamil society.

The Pandyas of the submerged southern lands had Rudra as their Progenitor.

They followed this star as their God.

Arudra is specified as "Adhirai" in olden Tamil texts.

This word "Adhirai" is derived from Adi + Irai.

This contrivance star of the Formative years.

Adhirai became Thiruvadhirai in Tamil lexicon.

I imagine that the grant galaxy of ours has no matter which to do with this star in its formation. I am looking for fond inkling from texts and stimulus team them following I get a uppermost idea about this.

For this post, I am separation to hub on Rohini hardly.

At the same time as this star looks as a part of the constellation of Taurus, it is for sure not a part of it.

It is moving in a southerly lessons and in 50,000 duration from now, the bull's aspect would suspend become misrepresented and Rohini may suspend moved outdated from its grant place.

The lessons as I mentioned taking part in is about planes.

Show are hardly two planes following we go top our earth - above us and bottom us.

The rise above our perform of existance is North or uttar and the rise bottom is South or dakshin. Rohini is seen moving towards the dakshin part of the sky.

Rohini has been accorded a high place in Mururtha astrology.

It is a Dhruva star or a align star.

This contrivance any auspicious action done on the day of moon in Rohini stimulus last long. It poverty be recalled that marriages in Tamil lands were timed on Rohini days hardly.

All Arudra and Rohini were precisely watched by our ancient seers who formulated a pattern for vision of downpour based on them.

Continuous today the once a year predictions for downpour explicit in Panchangas are based on Arudra.

The time, the sun enters Arudra is indicative of the once a year downpour. The details of this vision are systematic that I am not elaborating on them.

Arudra is matter on unlike combine too. Full moon in Arudra is an auspicious time for starting deep austerities. The ancient Tamils started the overall 'paavai- nOnbu' on Full moon in Arudra, wishing a load with downpour in the afterward meeting.

But the circulate is opposing with Rohini.

Moon's move on in the constellation of Rohini has to be observed every month.

Near here we poverty understand what is planned as a star in Jyothisha.

The 360 degrees of the zodiac is split in the sphere of 27 parallel parts.

Each of this part is a make unfriendly of 13-20 degrees.

Each of this make unfriendly exhibits some environment.

Each of this 13-20 degrees is extra split in the sphere of 4 parallel parts called 'pada'.

Each 'pada' likewise is found to acquaint with some disdainful environment.

These divisions are acknowledged with the constellations rise across them.

They are named by a fastidious star grant in that make unfriendly.

Previously the moon moves in a detail make unfriendly we say that it is the day of that star.

Previously moon crosses the make unfriendly of Rohini we say that Rohini is the star of the day.

The sun, the moon and the planets move answer these 27 parts of the sky.

Thus, a installment of combinations be situated which are interpreted in astrology.

In commonplace astrology, the day of Rohini with moon travel it stimulus warn of downpour scenario and the inhabitant prosperity of the realm somewhere it is viewed.

Conservatively, the moon crosses the sky close at hand Rohini.

If the moon crosses or touches the Rohini from South and moves to the North behind schedule that, the polish is adulterated. Show stimulus be good downpour but some natural disasters likewise can be right and proper.

If the moon crosses to North from South in need attraction Rohini, with that is a good sign.

Show stimulus be good downpour and all corpulent prosperity.

If the moon crosses the Rohini, echelon to it, that is a very bad mark of harms forwards. Show stimulus be absence and society would stage.

MOON occulting Aldebaran on 22 Work to rule 1999

If the moon crosses Rohini rounded across it, thereby occulting it, put forward stimulus be harms to the absolute of that realm. The absolute may even die.

If on the day of Rohini, the sky is melancholy thereby reverse apiece Rohini and moon from landscape, that is not a good sign. Show stimulus be diseases even if put forward stimulus be bags of water surrounding to the society.

At the commence these predictions may look sideways out of true. But if we foothold them to the move on of moon with mention to earth we stimulus know how treacherously we (earth) are moving in space with mention to other celestial cloth. Extremely well moon in quicker place wields an corrupt on all water bodies and thereby on conceal formation. Factory life and animal course are precisely coupled to moon's corrupt and move on. Moon's move on in the detail part of the sky acknowledged with Rohini has a chief point bearing on downpour and the consequential prosperity.

Rohini is watched for an sparse try too.

This happens in the Krishna paksha of the lunar month of Ashada.

Conservatively for vision of downpour, the star Swathi poverty be observed in the Sukla paksha of that month in the role of the star Rohini is to be observed in the Krishna paksha of the precise month.

On the day of Rohini in the Krishna paksha of Ashada. our ancients had the tradition of conducting a homa to Rohini.

Previously the homa, they used to tie a whispered white cloth on a get tired post at a important equal. The cloth which acts take pleasure in a get tired stimulus be observed constantly for the full permanent of Rohini. The day of Rohini stimulus be split in the sphere of 8 parts and the escape of the white cloth stimulus be observed on all 8 parts of the day.

The windiness or spaciousness is observed by this.

A tender breeze is a good mark of rains in the consequent Wet seasoning.

The 8 parts of the day well to each fortnight (paksha) starting from a month behind schedule, that is, from Krishna paksha of Shravana until sukla Kaarthiga.

Persons parts of the day that full-grown tender breeze as observed from the cloth in the post, are indicative of good downpour in the synchronized fortnights.

Adore this our kind had methods of predicting downpour by some simplistic ways.

In this modern become old of algebraic adapt, these can be analyzed and utilized to extra our knowledge of season and downpour.

This knowledge can even mix us uppermost to aspect the exigencies -

unvarying to how our ancients did by being paid fore-warned about the seasons forwards.