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Friday, 5 July 2013

Maha Mayas Motherly Dream

Maha Mayas Motherly Dream
C.B. Varma, "Jataka Stories "(IGNCA.NIC.IN) shortened by Brains Quarterly

The Buddha's mother's name was Maya (charm, beauty). She is habitually called Maha Maya, Far-reaching Maya. She was the young woman of the Sakyan Anjana of Devadaha and mother Yasodhara -- the young woman of Jayasena.

Nevertheless, according to the "Therigatha Atthakatha" (Comment 141) her fright was Maha Suppabuddha, and according to the "Apadana" (ii.538) her mother was Sulakkhana.

Mahamaya possessed every decency of to the same extent the mother of the Buddha. She never despoiled the practice of Five Precepts (the proper be the owner of bodyguard of refraining from butchery, stealing, sexual misconduct, shifty language, and overwhelming intoxicants that lead to heedlessness).

More to the point, according to tradition, she had capable the ten perfections ("parami") for one thousand natural life subsequently making her able-bodied to become the mother of the Buddha.

The day a long time ago the Buddha -to-be was to be conceived, she observed the lunar charge day fast. And that night she had a dream: She saw the Four Far-reaching Sky Kings of the accommodation ("catu-maha-rajas") arrest her to the Himalayas ("Himava") and positioned her on a bed under a sal tree.


Next the wives of the "devas" came and submersed her in Put together Anottata and honest her in "devi" robes. They subsequently took her to a golden palace and laid her in a magnificent single bed, anywhere the Bodhisat in the form of a white whale holding a white lotus in his luminous upper body entered her womb by way of her application surf.

That was a full-moon day of "Uttara Asalha" to impress the beginning of a seven-day extravaganza. She, too, had participated in the extravaganza. More to the point, on that day she did not drowse with her consort.

The flanking day she recounted her dream to the king, who in turn consulted the federal court astrologers. From them came the mental picture that the child would either be a world superior or a international spiritual tutor.

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