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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Solstice Workshop With Suzanne Corbie

Summer Solstice Workshop With Suzanne Corbie

At Treadwell's Books

Avail yourself of the day absorbed in the ancient lore of Midsummer. You tendency be treated to myths, traditional society, pagan spiritual meanings - and ways in which it is major in the initiate as well as in the formerly. It includes illustrated discourse, handouts, meditation and some traditional craft work. A full-participation habit completes the day. You tendency put with solid knowledge and experiental niceties which you can bring to your admit life. Immaculate if you love folk society, or if you are studying as a pagan. Suzanne Corbie is a practising Wiccan Priestess with supercilious 37 soul be knowledgeable about. She brings a wealth of information and admit insight.

Price: lb45 (lb25 abandon, lean due on the day)

Pull land-dwelling at 10:45 for an 11am start

Venue: Treadwell's. 33 Accumulation Street WC1E 7BS, London