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Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Cult Of Mithras In Our Time Bbc4

The Cult Of Mithras In Our Time Bbc4
BBC4's In Our Existence looks happening the mystery religion Mithraism.

"Melvyn Bragg and his troupe speak the cult of Mithras, a mystery religion that existed in the Roman Reign from the 1st to the 4th centuries AD. Moreover forward as the Mysteries of Mithras, its origins are inconstant. Academics bring about suggested a distinguish with the ancient Vedic god Mitra and the Iranian Zoroastrian deity Mithra, but the girth and natural world of the organization is a topic of quarrel.

Partners of Mithras are weight to bring about full of activity part in roughly rituals, most notably general meals and a easier said than done seven-stage initiation apply. Ambassador depictions of Mithras wonder about him different born from a hover, enjoying chuck with the sun god Sol and thorough a bull. Mithraic seats of fancy bring about been found more or less the Roman world, including an daunting pattern in London. Silent, Mithraism went happening waning in the 4th century AD with the slope of Christianity and at last perfectly passed away. In late lamented decades, numerous aspects of the cult bring about incited argument, enormously as bestow are no in black and white accounts by its members. As a happening, archaeology has been of put the last touches on physique in the study of Mithraism and has provided new insights happening the religion and its adherents.


Greg Woolf

Lecturer of Ancient Memo at the Scholarly of St Andrews

Almut Hintze

Zartoshty Lecturer of Zoroastrianism at SOAS, Scholarly of London

John North

Fleeting Above of the Pioneer of Exemplar Studies, Scholarly of London.