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Friday, 5 July 2013

Offering Bottles And Candles Love Spells And Courage Kit

Offering Bottles And Candles Love Spells And Courage Kit
Our Intuition and Heroism with candles kit was designed for your represent in the role of requesting Intuition and Heroism to your Idol.

It contains natural Tumbled crystals to describe you their energy in your magical work.

Two crimson tinkle candles and an represent prayer are included in the kit.

You can use it on your wishing spells, meditation or any other magical work you visualize.

You can moreover use some of the stones to make your mojo bag and withstand it with you. The crystals are quick a load for mojo masses.

Properties of the stones: Rose Quartz is well overfriendly to be the stone of Intuition. Carnelian order describe you howling passion, hospitality, force and unity.

They insert each other to describe you the energy you dependence to attract Intuition and Heroism.

Kid Aspect

* Contains 2 (2dram) vials (Rose Quarts and Carnelian)

* The Crystals are quick tumbled Gemstones.

* Two Glowing tinkle candles.

* Comes with a prayer for represent to your Idol.