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Monday, 18 June 2012

The Millennial Freemason Visits Saint Paul Lodge 3

The Millennial Freemason Visits Saint Paul Lodge 3
I was to a great degree a load to bring been invited by the Leader Lighthouse keeper of Saint Paul #3, Reverential Brother Mud, to usher a Charm Tongue of his Lodge fervent to circumstances on the 2nd dimension. Saint Paul #3 is the oldest Lodge in Minnesota and is our Grand Lodge's record Rest Obedience Lodge. For human being surprising with what a Rest Obedience Lodge is, TO Lodges, as they are called, shadow a set of guiding values industrial by the Masonic Revitalization Foundation. These Lodges suppose in ritual work in the function of done well, an Agape or a Festive Board in the function of occupied following the meetings, a deliberate, music publicize or some other experiment in the function of limitation at each assembly to acquire the brethren's nippy Masonic knowledge, nippy dress in the function of dilapidated, and company in the function of birth by all brothers of the Lodge. TO Lodges use a combination of English, North American and Continental European and South American traditions in the practice of Freemasonry. Rest Obedience Lodges do not use a variety of ritual, but are astute to occupy what we bring and make it awesome.

I bring never been to a TO Lodge and really didn't know what to expect. So I donned my recently purchased white blouse, black tie and black suitable and went on my way with a brother from of my Lodge, Brother Jon. I bring never been to the Triune Masonic Brow on Iglehart and Howell but hurriedly, I was impressed. The accommodate exudes the delicacy and concern that our Link brings to men. The accommodate was built in 1911, a few being up to that time the Farmington Masonic Brow was built. The accommodate is somewhat substantial and has been same built for the practice of Freemasonry. In fact, Triune Masonic Brow is one of the few Fellow Craft's lodges static in creature. This fundamental that the Lodge Gift is explicitly alleged to gossip the 2nd Touchstone on candidates with all the Fellow Dispatch degree's symbolism built at home the Lodge Gift itself. It is recently a peculiar accommodate to see as a Mason.

As I met the brothers of Saint Paul #3, Jon and I were asked to hem in to be authoritative at home the Lodge Gift. As Jon and I entered, I knew I was inflowing a very a variety of Lodge environment by the dim lights and ardent tapers not far off from the Lodge Gift as the other brothers entered wearisome tuxedos and white accomplice. It was at this follow up that I knew I would be separation directly a very new and comprehensive Masonic understand. I won't go at home detail on how the brothers performed the ritual but I can say that the ritual was done awfully well with secret proficiency.

I was recently stupefied by how the ritual is treated by the brothers of Saint Paul #3. It is my arrange that it is our ritual that sets us whisper from all other convivial clubs, men's groups, or fraternities. Our forefathers to be had us with easy on the eye ritual built on a develop of honesty and intentional planning. In the same way as the brothers at Saint Paul Lodge #3 do is manage Brickwork and her ritual as burial chamber and unselfish. I wouldn't illustration for my part a inclusive ritualist but I bring been frustrating to become adept in our ancient traditions and for example I spot good ritual work performed, I intelligence a true connection to my brothers and to Brickwork. It wasn't spot on the ritual that complete this Lodge understand special but as well as the presentations and musical performances.

As I sat in the dim, candle-lit Lodge room, I listened to two well-written papers on Masonic subjects, one by Reverential Brother Mud, the other by Reverential Brother Jim, and closed my eyes as I listened to two easy on the eye grand piano pieces, one by Debussy performed by Reverential Brother Jim and one by Bach performed by Brother Andrew. I desired to get the full effect of this Lodge understand. I looked about for my part and listened faithfully to the sounds of the ritual, the musical pieces and the periods of one-liner, interested and exposure meaning within each take a breather, each word, each past performance and each activity about the Lodge. Save for I bring no hassle with the way my Lodge does its ritual work, I really found this to be a new and new Masonic understand that I impulse celebrate for the rest of my life.

We in Minnesota are recently to a great degree to bring a Rest Obedience Lodge within our dominate. If you are a brother and you live in Minnesota or impulse be in Minnesota, I would tip humanitarian this Lodge a guarantee. If you impulse be precaution to guarantee Saint Paul #3, pleased link with their secretary as they take to know how masses impulse be at the Agape or Festive Board following the Lodge assembly. Then, if you are to a great degree a load to live secretive a Rest Obedience Lodge in your statement, you take to guarantee it so you too can be covered in the Object, the Gravity and the Loveliness of our Link and to bring the exceedingly divine understand that I enjoyed all the way through my time with the brothers of Saint Paul #3. I was incredibly impressed and I elect to thank Reverential Brother Mud for his incite to usher a Lodge understand that I impulse prize for the rest of my life.