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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Secrets Of The Occult The Magicians Documentary

Secrets Of The Occult The Magicians Documentary
Dan Burstein's "Secrets of the Occult" is an impressive DVD exploring the controversial and on a regular basis unseen colleague along with magic and science. The mesmeric DVD, from Abstruse Materials Productions, includes two one-hour programs, The Magicians and The Scientists, which evaluate the world of the occult from the Ancient Greek and Egyptian magicians to the zealous edge scientists of today.

"In ancient time give was no lone study comfortable as science. It was the magicians and the alchemists who were show science. Equally the birth of what we fix modern science, science and the occult have parted paths," held Dan Burstein, best-selling stall and SECRETS OF THE OCCULT pronounce. Today immobile the old group along with Science and the Occult is experiencing a new rise of attractiveness in holistic philosophy and New Age beliefs. "Disgusting physicists are contemplating time travel and synchronized universes. We're departure to get some very big breakthroughs eat science, but some of them may come from science looking at what some can fix the occult," adds Burstein.

From Harass Potter and Eragon to The Da Vinci Signs and The Prestige, today's pop culture is opinion over and over of its resourcefulness in the occult. The growing fix in occultism's underlining training and beliefs has even spawned a new sub-genre, called "enlightainment," which blends life tip-off and the hound for great truth with elements of leisure. The quantum physics encouraged, part narrative-part documentary injure Equally the Piece of paper Do We Know!? was the prematurely surprise hit of this type. In later than usual months, The Significant, a self-help DVD that reveals the masked wisdom so they say comfortable to such thinkers as Plato and Albert Einstein, has become a top-seller on "The reconciliation of draw and represent science is blurring the suspicion along with old and new," held Dan Gurlitz, Nothing special Director of KOCH Fantasy. "SECRETS OF THE OCCULT investigates this paraphrase, presenting intriguing generate for belief and reason."

For instance mystical Madame Helena Blavatsky and British occultist Aleister Crowley became forerunners of innumerable new age standards completely later to be condemned, innovators such as Galileo, Einstein and Freud, whose advances are calculated geometric in gentle, were as well rapt with the occult. "Don't skip, Sir Isaac Newton, the flinch of modern science' in innumerable blue-collar eyes, is as well calculated the last of the controlling magicians.' He was rapt with alchemy and the occult and vanished furthest of his life unappreciated to recuperate a geometric understanding of occult beliefs," observes Burstein.

This breed of special knowledge is what the Secrets of... series is sure to uncovering. The ultimate two documentaries in the series, SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE and SECRETS OF ANGELS, DEMONS & MASONS, as well consider the crossroads along with spirituality, religion and science.

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