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Friday, 15 June 2012

California Blizzard Of 2008 Hails A Capricorn Snow Moon

California Blizzard Of 2008 Hails A Capricorn Snow Moon
Capricorn New Moon - Subdivision One Weather Makes Information to Prod 2008

As I calm down this pillar on Saturday January 5th. we on the Conciliatory Shoreline are physical hammered by a huge twister. Plus Venus applying to an identical Diamond with Saturn-Virgo (tomorrow @ 5:39 AM PT) which can gesture a cooling approach not moral emotionally but meteorologically in the function of Venus deals with amounts of dampness. So acquaint with we are a long time ago 24 hours then of cyclone hurl winds and strong rains someplace thousands of battle had no power in three states and thousands self-important had been told to abandon their homes in mudslide-prone areas of Southern California. Mudslides and Saturn in fluctuating earthy Virgo look as if to go together. In the same way avalanches can be official to earth signs and with the heave Mt. Shasta Landslide Inner Landslide Warning this seems a iced life.

Blizzard Moon the new moon in Capricorn @ 3:37 AM 1-8-08 is industrially not the Blizzard or Have a meal Moon (Indian lore assigns the Replete Moon in January to that split) but it hop is cold! Plus Jupiter-Capricorn, Sun-Moon and Mercury-the Weather The human race @ 0 Degrees Aquarius (opening 1-7-08) offering self-important high winds and huge sprinkle. It appears the violent weather strength of mind bolt rudely for a whilst. How long? Looks famine weather strength of mind be making the intelligence appearing in January 12th because Venus strength of mind construe the light between Saturn and Uranus with an breathtaking SQ to Uranus in wet, subaquatic Pisces.

Yes Aquarius and the modern queen Uranus strength of mind mean surprising climactic wear away including other martial which strength of mind be covered in Subdivision Two Strict Realities Fall.

Equate the habitual stars in this Lunation are a bit forbidding (self-important strength of mind be covered in Subdivision Two)

HELIACAL Growing Famous person

Access ( the sting of the Scorpion) - Growing 22 mins 02 secs prior Daybreak -

Take pains at the hands of others; dominated to rumurs and ancient interpretations convey of how Access By virtue of his accuser armed with its powerful sting can stake thick-skinned hostility now versus man, now versus beast, and wait on the catch sight of of death and to evaporate in the incident per (Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, p.239-240)

ELIACAL Upbringing Famous person

Mirfak - Upbringing 34 mins 23 secs prior Daybreak - in the crowd of the Verification, Perseus.

This is someplace our friend the behind Proponent Comet Holmes has been haning out and impersonating the Depressed Kachina?

Meanings are unlike in the function of this is a constellation that deals with the primitive, promote seeker who spicily engaging in, and pursuing, the endeavors of one's life. In the same way per George Noonan in : Perseus and Mirfak are indicative of endeavors implementation stocky kick out of battle, specially intimates endeavors caused by coarse meteorological phenomena.

We strength of mind shortly find out.

Earlier we go appearing in Subdivision Two someplace we check a diagram set for Capricorn New Moon in DC, delegate that in the spare lunation with Scorpio rising @ 25* 52' with the Sabian of Indian and their area American boss gap base - a symbol which deals with who is really helpful and do we really view too various chiefs and few Indian braves to push our heave drawback. We in the same way fined that Algol is rising as Jupiter is Culminating orb 00 mins 24 secs - Not a minute ago communal as a demonic star but a prehistoric, sexual business with power, whether devotee, physical or spiritual