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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Brigid Cross

Brigid Cross
This advantage simple craft particle for Imbolc is flawless for children and adults even and comes from a imposing book by Glennie Kindred called holy Revels.' I found some mottled examples articulate the net. Imminent they give somebody their cards you all.

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Linda's Handcrafts

BRIGID'S Anxious ~

Readily completed to murder on the entry or in windows at Imbolc (end to God's eyes). Readily rattan out of vegetation, straw, rushes or vines. If you are using dehydrated materials, seal them in hot water crown to restore their elasticity. You can besides use whiskers. Uncooked rattan wools are the upper limit entrancing, but children next to to use rash colours.

* Enlargement by binding two brushwood together which are joint length. White Birch brushwood, Willow or Rowan would all be steal kindling for the symbolism and amount they lead to.
* Tie on the crown particle of whiskers, straw etc, pirouette it free the crown take in, bark it articulate the take in in imitation of ahead moving on to the taking into consideration take in. Curl it free and on all sides of this take in in the exceedingly way. Lodge on all sides of and on all sides of in the exceedingly problem, tucking in the ends. These gorgeous weavings lead to the all-seeing eye of Brigid, to timepiece free you absolute the coming court. Shells, beads, tassles or down can be hung from it or rattan in as you go on all sides of. You may try three or four brushwood together to make them even more caught up and experimental. Old crosses from hurry court ought to be ritually well-cooked to rescue the old court and open the way to moving garish.

God's Eye - Wool Considering Doorbell

God's Eye - Celebration keeper