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Friday, 8 June 2012

Problem With Elegua Help Need It

Problem With Elegua Help Need It
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I would dearest to start saying that I am not allude to in santeria and I don't really embrace a lot of knowledge of it, I was untutored catholic and I do belief in catholic saints, I do embrace friends that are santeros and babalawos and believably mull over the religion. My be of importance is the following: Yesterday I was in my friend's home-grown, he is a babalawo and he did a reading to me consulting orula, I came out with the "Ire- Ariku" positve produce but at the identical time he told me that celebrity did huge withcraft to me to harm me in a bad way and this group recycled Elegua to start a war in opposition to me and it is aimed that I won't win it. Now the be of importance is that he told me that I embrace to glaring an Elegua of two faces, but as I aimed previous I don't purpose to bring none of that to my home-grown and I do t purpose to glaring the warriors and all people ceremonies. My corporate to you is, is communicate a way that I can make organize with Elegua without me having to glaring him and go complete all that process?

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