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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I. Malcolm H. Stern (1915-1994), Dean of American-Jewish Genealogy
II. The Ten Commandments for Genealogists
III. Malcolm H. Stern NARA Cede Guarantee
IV. Touch to the Malcolm H. Stern Papers
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I. Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern (1916-1994), Dean of American-Jewish Genealogy

This detail externally appeared in "Avotaynu: The Multi-ethnic
Repeat of Jewish Genealogy
", Largeness IX, Subject 4, Iciness 1993.

Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern, far not rushed to be the dean of
American Jewish genealogy, died in New York Town on January 5, 1994. He was 78 living old.

Rabbi Stern's over sympathy to all aspects of American
genealogy, and to Jewish genealogy in fastidious, spanned a 44-year display. He was self-same full of life in the organizational aspect of genealogy. Back 1949, he served as genealogist to the American Jewish Archives; a charter fanatic of the New York-based Jewish Genealogical Urbanity, leader (1979-84); the excel Jewish Fellow of the American Urbanity of Genealogists, leader (1976-79); founder of the Jewish
Ancient Urbanity of New York, leader (1979-89); a trustee of the
American Jewish Ancient Urbanity and a trustee of the Better part of Genealogical Societies, vice-president (1985- 88).

He wrote tons articles for genealogical and gone
publications. His best-known book, "Americans of Jewish Descent: 600 Genealogies (1654-1988)," documentation the genealogies of Jewish families that into voguish the American colonial and national periods
(1654-1838), tracing tons families to the prize. The third kind,
published in 1991, lists some 50,000 individuals. This work was the debate for far off of Stephen Birmingham's best-selling book, "The

He moreover had a done interest in Sephardic genealogy, self-same the Sephardim of the Western Hemisphere. He contributed a time in the
book "Sephardim in America" which is reviewed in this argument. The pictures associate with the review were provided by Rabbi Stern.

His investor actions were traditional by tons of the
dealings to which he belonged. He was a Fellow of the Institution
Genealogical Urbanity, intent of the Better part of Genealogical
Societies George Williams Bequeath for over sympathy to the FGS
and to the genealogical community, and was admired with a testimonial brunch in 1987 by his home society, the Jewish Genealogical Urbanity (New York). Endure November he was prepared a Fellow of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Urbanity.

Of fastidious interest to Rabbi Stern was the reputation to
genealogists of the U.S. Institution Archives and Facts Management
(NARA). He founded and was excel leader of the Genealogical
Coordinating Panel, an board that represented a tape
coagulate for the genealogist to the chubby world. He fashioned the NARA Cede Guarantee to which American genealogical societies amount money to upgrade the genealogical collections of the Institution Archives Local Undergrowth. In 1989, he testified for the American genealogical community before the U.S. Ruling body, in fact arguing that the coagulate of
Archivist of the Combined States require be awarded to a scholar and not to an approved. He was the genealogical characteristic to the Institution Archives Illuminating Conference and was on the Illuminating group that founded RAGAS, the Russian-American Genealogical Archival Ride.

Rabbi Stern was born in Philadelphia, the son of Arthur and
Henrietta Berkowitz Stern. He traditional his rabbinic ordination at Hebrew Union Moot in Cincinnati in 1941 and served as a chaplain voguish
Gravel War II. He was a congregational rabbi in Philadelphia and Norfolk, Virginia. In 1964, he became Send Funnel of the Key
Have a discussion of American Rabbis, lasting in this coagulate until his retirement in 1980. In minute living, he served as decrease to of late predetermined rabbis and qualified at the Hebrew Union Moot Jewish Humanity of Spirituality in New York.

Rabbi Stern's approved goings-on were tons and etched in your mind, but his original contact were at the strength of his reputation to Jewish
genealogy. To his public he was Malcolm, a uncommunicative friend, mentor and impression. The word rabbi instrument educational, and this Malcolm was in the best caution of the word. Anyhow his ironic and burdensome overtone in a wide strap of goings-on, he always had time to help or to
authenticate the apprentice genealogist. His energy and fondness were transmittable. He was a clever, unassuming, and plenteous man, unen- cumbered by less important jealousies or the convoy for distinction. In the modus operandi, he became the launch pad for most of the big develop- ments in American Jewish
genealogy. Copious of the excel Jewish genealogical societies in the Combined States were fit as a means explain of his sponsorship. He
hosted the excel summer summit on Jewish genealogy and provoked the support ones that soon became an fit tradition. The Jewish
Genealogical Urbanity of Philadelphia had ordered to adorn him this June in conjunction with its fifteenth local holiday. Its advance literature noted that, This Urbanity, nominated with the disdainful than 50 JGS groups done the world, owes its very sparkle to Rabbi Stern's object
and impression.

Rabbi Stern's death brought an exactly end to a man who was
wholly full of life and enthusiastic to the progress day of his life. He never spine of slowing down or of intuit too old to do whatsoever. Good a few living ago, he purchased his excel notebook and set about mastering its intricacies. Two weeks before his death, he was working to institute take care of to political speakers at the up-coming Jerusalem summit. Smaller quantity than 24 hours before he died, Malcolm telephoned Marsha Saron Dennis, leader of his New York-based Jewish Genealogical Urbanity to say that he would be awake to ice pick her tempt to referee at the marriage of her
son and chance daughter-in-law.

He is survived by Louise, his husband of 52 living, and a brother,
Edward, to whom we send our deepest pity.

By Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Amdur Booty
Copyright 1994 by Avotaynu, Inc.
Reprinted with entrust of Avotaynu.

Ten Commandments for Genealogists

by Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern

I. I am a genealogist solid to true knowledge about the
families I am researching.

II. Thou shalt use homespun traditions with assiduousness and in words of one syllable as clues.

III. Thou shalt not ice pick as gospel every in print detail or printed

IV. Thou shalt not do up pay tribute to or royal family on your homespun tree
without verifying with experts.

V. Thou shalt certainly nickname the vague and the fairy yarn.

VI. Thou shalt settle all collection in such a way that the side users
request find them in the identical stipulation you did.

VII. Thou shalt credit dwell in who help you and ask entrust of dwell in
whose work you use.

VIII. Thou shalt not stipulate any source of information without supplying

IX. Thou shalt admiration the sensitivities of the living in doesn't matter what
you detail but direction the truth about the dead.

X. Thou shalt not become a genealogical educational or leading light
without requisition training and certification.

III. Malcolm H. Stern NARA Cede Guarantee - "Dollars for Identification."

The Institution Archives and Facts Management (NARA) houses in the vicinity of
1.5 million cubic feet of collection documenting our further than. Solely a petite split of these collection pride yourself on been sealed on microform, allowing researchers more opening and preserving the former collection from

The Malcolm H. Stern NARA Cede Guarantee, fit in 1983 as the
Genealogical Coordinating Panel NARA Cede Guarantee, is a locally
supported normal to support the production of view aids and the
microfilming of central homework raw materials now sealed in NARA in Washington, D.C. These microfilm copies, twisted without executive
allow, are thus strewn to the 13 Institution Archives Local
Archives for use of researchers. These collection are moreover approximately unswerving any LDS (Mormon) Descent LP Interior in the owrld.

Complete the plenteous gifts of genealogists state since 1983,
tons collection pride yourself on been sealed. There's a document waiting for your dollars. See:

IV. An Touch to the Malcolm H. Stern Papers 1882-1994

15.5 Linear ft. at the American Jewish Archives.
(Includes biographical table) See:

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