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Monday, 24 January 2011

Psychic Reading

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There are lots of people who believe in magic spells and they are even interested in practicing these spells to serve their purpose. If you are interested in psychic readings and books then you must have heard the name of the book of shadows. This is a magic book.

It contains a lot of spells as well as potion recipes. Other than this, it also contains certain other information on demons, warlocks and even about other supernatural things. It also contains some vanquishing spells. These spells are usually written by powerful as well as important people belonging to this field.

You might be interested in a detailed description of the charmed book of shadows. This book is usually considered to be one of the most powerful books which can be used for the psychic purpose. This book contains detailed as well as authoritative information related to the magic spells, demon vanquishing, and witchcraft and so on.

The charmed book of shadows was originally written by Melinda Warren. After this the book was passed down to the following generations. This book was actually meant to be used by the people of the Warren family.

They started using the book and also updated it with new experiences. This is how the book grew in power as well as in size. Other than the charmed book of shadows there are different kinds of book of shadows that are also available which are written by different people.

The other book which is also popular is written by Halliwell. First of all you might be interested to know the look of these books. These books are usually big in size and they almost look like an encyclopedia or a dictionary.

The book is green in color. Other than this, it also has embossed triquetra which are present on the front cover. According to people the triquetra has changed its shape for a number of times. The change in shape was brought by the various owners.

The shape changed according to their state of mind as well as their ability to perform the magic. The characteristic traits of the book usually changes according to the traits of the current owner of the book.

If the person is good then the book will cast good spells. On the other hand if the person is evil then the spells cast will be evil in nature. The charmed book of shadows even has the power to protect itself from evil.

There are lots of entries in the book after Melinda Warren passed it on to the other generations. Other than this, there are different kinds of incidents that occurred with the book over the generations. Evils have even tried to steal the book.

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