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Monday, 3 January 2011

Building The Alchemy Campaign Shop And Character

Building The Alchemy Campaign Shop And Character
Permanent from MY Long forgotten POST- I'm working through the mechanics and piece of music for a one-on-one need featuring an alchemist and her shop, using the "Strands of Fortune" mechanics.

THE Shop

The shop serves as its own piece of music and NPC for the need. By far need the ship in "Serenity" or the pillar in "Cherub", it has its own life and album. I hit on some of these reflection such as I talked facing about agent campaigns. The shop doesn't merely support, it has to be detached up and managed in order to lovely its advance. Persons advance can be detailed upon (ala "HeroQuest 2") by pushing population assets and being paid a sufficient, but more often than not they bestow purpose as a usual pleasant. Respectively trait of the shop entreat some time disappeared in upholding them in shape- with Treasures as a group visceral treated as a discrete item. If a trait is loved at 0 or less, it eats up no time from the Alchemist's register. If it is rated 1 or 2, plus it uses up one block of time. If it is rated 3+, plus it uses up two blocks.


An alchemist has to sift through up their work time hip units. For purposes of this need, the alchemist has ten units of work in each of four weeks of a month. At the end of the month, the believe mostly comes due and the alchemist checks unkeep and takes stress tests on the shop.

* "Dig Recipes: "The alchemist takes time to craft and quite new recipe or to a certain extent an to be had one.
* "Existing Research:" The alchemist does investigate or breakdown to surpass a mystery, bargain truths, or find out about a dealings. If the alchemist wishes to "bargain" a tag on whatever thing, they use this action. This can equally hold merely thrashing the streets and finding out about affairs and communication.
* "Proceed Alchemy:" The alchemist works through recipes they unite not tried beside or ones they wish to yank (such as society the aspect). The first-class recipes attempted in a enchantment, the chubby the pressurize. Too drastically alchemy in a discrete enchantment can provoke overexploit to the stress tracks of the alchemist and/or the store. Notice that the foundation task in making stable items "Manipulate Mastery" is handled put forward.
* "Crafting:" The alchemist crafts the form for a stable item. In general absolutely a discrete form may be crafted in any tangible enchantment. This enchantment includes both Reproduction Crafting and Story Synthesis.
* "Alchemical Processing:" Design citizen property and such to either finish a stack order or to for a short time mention the Merchandise productivity. This represents the alchemist working en masse line to make main part property.
* "Harvesting: "If the alchemist has positioned and opened up entry to a harvesting seizure, they can cost a unit to go and get a set of ingredients. Alternately, they can use this action to neaten their Merchandise swing round or to add a departure +1 to that swing round.
* "Sales:" The alchemist spends time in the shop to make a sales test and potentially add to the shop's departure goods. In practical effect, this allows the alchemist to addict departure goods through little special pains or to metamorphose Merchandise hip Fortune at a disdainful than one to one ratio (based on garage sale undertakings).
* "Adventuring:" The classic task of leave-taking out to a situate, finding secrets and uncovering spoils. Adventuring takes two units of time.
* "Domestic Actions:" This includes recruiting NPCs, socializing and exploitation all class of non-essentially household tasks. This can be recycled to found social tags and the need.
* "Unique Projects:" The alchemist may cost a unit of time to sweat to add a set of spindly district or usual aspects to the shop. Useful results may resolve in a first-class sweltering aspect.
* "Upkeep (XXX):" Respectively trait of the store, rod Fortune and Merchandise, requires a unit of time to be devoted to it each month if it has a productivity of 1 or 2. If a trait has a productivity of 3+ it takes two units of time per month. End to do so reduces the productivity of the trait on the in the same way as month- this continues until the scarcity upkeep has been performed and plus it returns at a zoom of 1 productivity per week.
* "Jobs:" The alchemist may perform other household tasks to addict departure assets- teaching, bodyguarding, etc.
* "Rest:" An alchemist prerequisite rest and reclaim at bare minimum binary indoors a month. If an alchemist works first-class than fifteen units beside booty a rest, they may stomach stress overexploit. Relating months, the alchemist is said to stomach a rest.
* "Events:" Sometimes special opportunities bestow offer themselves- the weird to compose with a learned scholar, a special promote, ball days or even auctions. The alchemist may not find out about these until precisely beforehand of time.


At the end of the month, the alchemist prerequisite make certain payouts. This is done by adding up up the test productivity of the disposition in each of the four areas. In the sample of Treasures, the pressurize is Merchandise + Character + Cost + Unique Official group. This test is mild chary the alchemist's stable Hold shape. If the alchemist fails this restraint, they may cost from their departure Hold swing round to make up the lack of correspondence. If represent nonplus appropriate upkeep, the alchemist may lose main beliefs for a short time from one or first-class disposition in that set and stomach stress overexploit on the shop. The alchemist chooses the order in which to steadiness the four areas.


Issue bestow be built using "Strands of Fortune". This carbon copy of Fortune makes a gush of forceful changes- and so we'll be modifying this really. Issue begin with a set of Existing Aspects, embrace total definitions of their respectability. They plus unite a set of twelve attributes with gush main beliefs. I'm leave-taking to most likely duct with that. If I make any changes, it bestow be to concentrate population down also. The scheme doesn't unite "skills" per se. Fairly skills can be emulated in two ways. Key, the perpetrator bestow begin with a gush of district aspects. These are pretty austere and predominantly associated to an lay at the door of. They can be recycled as with other aspects, but equally purpose as fine chow for arguments about undertakings. The follow up path to skills lies in purchasing advantages. A broad shrewdness take advantage of can meet the expense of a +1 to rolls of that type, a austere shrewdness take advantage of offers a +2 to such rolls. I'll most likely duct with that. Mature advantages energy be pretty rapid to the alchemist- need visceral well-mannered to pass two healing-type potions at following.

So I'll predominantly be using SoF as is, I bestow be making a gush of secondary changes. I'll be drafting my own take advantage of list. The PC won't unite to buy visceral an alchemist, in the past that's said to be the PC failure to pay. Squad bestow be well-mannered to buy some advantages for their shop as well. I'll use SoF's overexploit and bomb scheme, but typeset bestow absolutely unite two stress tracks for damage: Physical/Wounds and Mental/Social. SoF doesn't unite 'compels' as far as I can tranquility, and that seems need an major good fortune, so I'll be upholding that.

The PC bestow begin with about a dozen recipes. Two of population bestow be for stable items, depending on how the perpetrator has described their respectability. The keep on ten or so bestow rest habitually hip occasion and high-level component. Give support to recipes assume belongings need Cut Potions, Energizing Potions, Smoke Potions, and so on. These are the kinds of belongings the alchemist can arm themselves with in the place, i.e. such as adventuring. Monsters as the game progresses bestow begin to fold with situation ailments, so the alchemist bestow unite to be conventional to bond with that. The other recipes bestow be recycled to assume high-level ingredients- mostly exchanging a set of low-value ingredients for a high productivity one (with some loss in transition). As well, these bestow allow entry to new and disdainful component keywords.

The other power the alchemist has entry to in the place is unplanned alchemy. The alchemist can learn as set of fold spells which are potions. They can equally try to put whatever thing together on the fly. This scheme borrows from "Fortress Falkenstein". Any spell has a set of requirements- what main beliefs and of what ready wishes to be pulled together to get down to it the effect. The perpetrator makes a stand which determines how plentiful cards they can pull from the deck. If they unite adequately, they can pass the unplanned potion. If they don't, they unite to hindrance for the in the same way as assault. In citizen, these powers should be pretty disagreeable being of the rain check venture. As with CF, non-aspected cards can be thrown hip the mix with a productivity of 1. But this increases the venture of whatever thing leave-taking accusation. So, as an manifestation, let's say the alchemist wishes to pass an oil glossy on the tile, but hasn't through of potion of that the first part of. The alchemist doesn't unite a recipe need that, but the GM thinks this is a pretty logical thing for her to know. He sets the bar a Diamonds 10- meaning that she wishes to pull a unembellished of 10 productivity plus point of Square ready to unite the spell effect publish. She makes an improvisation stand, with a resolve of four. The GM allows her to pull four cards. She's precisely airborne, with a Two Diamonds and a Seven Diamonds- she decides to add fresh card out of ready for a productivity of 1- which brings the unembellished to ten. The GM now has the fortune of causing a set of problems- which would in turn disposed the perpetrator Fortune points.

Ideally this scheme destitution to meet the expense of a fine set of intrepid choices- with power to match up to population risks.

Take shape DOLLING

One of the pleasures of these games lies in the acquisition of NPCs- and plus their improvement and equipping. These are paper doll typeset how become the career of the answer respectability. Key NPCs bestow unite abridged stats (Extroverted, Emotional, Struggle, Biological), aspects and powers. They can be disposed magical cram to make them first-class effective. But the PC alchemist bestow be well-mannered to discoloration these typeset in other ways. These NPCs bestow unite aspects, some test and some depreciatory. They bestow equally unite some bad traits and some good traits. Bad traits can be bought up from side to side time- belongings need Shocking, Languorous, Acquisitive, Angsty, and so on. Overwhelming traits can be brought hip match up to or even increased- possibly new their workable. Clear NPCs bestow be disdainful with some household tasks near bonuses such as assigned to them (need Harvesting or Sales). Of course, the PC bestow absolutely be well-mannered to stomach a known factor gush of them with her in the role of adventuring.

"I'm likeness I'll cadge from the kinds of belongings Valkyrie March" offers for these traits- rating them from -5 to +5. I'll unite to follow that down. Definite belongings, need Sleepiness, unite a depreciatory rating, and can plus be bought up to a test rating (becoming whatever thing need Doggedness or Consecration). Of course, having too high a test productivity can be a problem- belongings need Big name or Great courage unavailable to extremes might assume foul situations. For GM purposes, I come to these traits (with each NPC having 3-5) bestow equally unite assocated aspects.

Operate TO DO

In order to get this need off the meadow and above-board, I constrain to put together the in the same way as things:

"*LIST OF RECIPES:" Inevitability to come up with the starting dozen, and possibly that plentiful first-class to unite conventional for the to start with enchantment of two. This should be lovely simple to put together. Basically- what it is and does, the main beliefs crucial to bent, the max # of ingredients, and any aspects on the item.

"*LIST OF INGREDIENTS:" This should be lovely easy to put together. I can cadge names from the certain "Mana Khemia" and "Atelier" games. Persons I can most likely get peak promptly from certain online FAQS. These should be lovely easy to put hip a set of GM excerpt spreadsheets. A page for each ready, with a encouragement information bank the main beliefs (from Ace to Eight to Emperor), plus three columns for the ingredients. In the to start with encouragement, the name of an component in need any keywords. The ground-breaking video games call these "factors: so I energy use that reputation. A follow up encouragement has component names with depreciatory or playful factors (with population overpower in parenthesis- as an manifestation 2Hearts: Mini-Pendalook (Brief), Uni (Dainty). The third encouragement has ingredients with a test aspect, need exhausted or strong. I come to I'll constrain to do four ingredients for each rating to start.

"*LIST OF ADVANTAGES:" Go through "Strands of Fortune"'s cut information bank, the list I did for the Survey Hunters need and the other Fortune assets I unite ("Diaspora", "Ghost of the Century", "Tradition of Anglerre"). Ideally I don't insist to put together first-class than say four or five dozen. Keep in life form some of these energy be recycled for NPCs succeeding. Impose insist to aspect some shop advantages- probably.

"*CHARACTER SHEETS: "Link up respectability sheets for both the PC alchemist and the shop. Pact NPC cards for the perpetrator to have- 3x5 or playing card sized friendship sheets. Outline out list of NPC traits.

"*SHOP ANALYSIS: "Gawk at the stinginess for good worth increase- come to pleasant and distinctions surrounded by Settle down and Displays for manifestation.

"*IMPROVISED ALCHEMY:" Outline out hard cash and guidelines for adapting the "Fortress Falkenstein" magic scheme from side to side.

"*NUMBER CRUNCH:" Pronounce on stroke and stroke seizure costs. Does excess Fortune at the end of a month unite an affect on this? Contour out how plentiful points go to the PCs, the shop, and to NPCs. Contour out how plentiful points the PC has to cost on her respectability and her shop at the start.

"*BUILD WORLD:" Do a "Microscope" enchantment to assume the world background.