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Monday, 17 January 2011

Chips With Everything

Chips With Everything
Sear IT Cowardly...

A really good way to recreate everything is to burn it down and get the money back on involve. So various churches

or other huge caution centres get burned by vile fires at nearby moments. I deduction that vent that your i

nsurance money that you pay for your children's home that never gets burned down, force go towards the rebuilding of the

caution centre buildings.

FOUR Memo Communication...

These can be turned featuring in dates. For configuration, SION translates as 1965. To get an AD ensure, you would like to begin with

a 1, so you would like an A J or S. 1, 2 and 3 bit words can excessively be dates, pre 1000AD. FOX is 666, so A FOX is 1666.

Gift is no 0, so dates beginning 20 do not exhaustive to style by this bring into being. It's as if each word we use can excessively

near a aim in time, as if it's a key to other aim in time, cheeky or backwards.

TAP - "I don't understand this."

SANTA Similes...

The red and white Santa images sponsored by Coca Cola is inflexibly ineffaceable in the thinker of significantly very much one and all

living today in the West, endorsed by parents and schools. The contemporary indoctrination is from supermarkets. Mope

right away are embryonic up with supermarket protection as lay down. Nearby every school force get pleasure from a emblem sheath,

big than the school sign, saying Sainsburys, or Tescos, or Morrisons etc. This force get pleasure from been donated munificently,

and is alleged to substantiation exclusive shopping at the supermarket to get free computers or footballs as rewards for

the good of the children. It's all supported and promoted by the teachers and parents. The kids are yet

barred to the symbology and logos. Beforehand yearn for, it force be as ineffaceable as Coca Cola.


This 3 bit word part turns up a lot. Coincidentally it sounds passion A place beside me called Tyning appears

on old maps as Tyney, how did it get changed? Was "ing" in old Bible versions? How was "ing" introduced, and

why? The word king excessively has "ing" in it. 1984 describes the taking sides belief of Ingsoc. English Communalism. Supremacy.

We use "ing" a lot in our spoken language, and each time we sum up it, it's a collection of chant, a venerate.


It's in Buckinghamshire. The province with the exceedingly name as Buckingham Palace. It's a petite inconsequential

crossroads, a minute bit North of Windsor. It reminds me that Jordans is excessively in Buckinghamshire, and Jericho is in

Oxford, decently sheath the municipal walls. Gift are repeating patterns separation on here!

THE SAVILL Garden...

Brand new Savill Dignity friendship. This garden is in the brains of Windsor Sanctuary. It's part of the Dignity Point of view. Aptly

passion Jimmy Savile is part of the Dignity Landcsape. Last parts of the Dignity Point of view are the Ravine Grounds

(Ravine of the Kings perhaps?) and Virginia Wet (Virgin water?). The Savill Garden was shaped by Sir Eric Savill,

described as "terrible master" of the afforest garden. Er, "terrible master" is the conditions used for the leading of an

Measure off of Knights. The address of the Savill Garden is at Wick Route. Seating called Wick are to do with Witchcraft,

Druidry. Wycombe and Clear Wycombe are two well memorable sitting room today (all well-located for Windsor and Chequers).


Founded Penn.sylvania. Still he was a Quaker, Quakers mortal believers in simple lives, he was the prime

identifiable non Dignity owner in the world. He undeniably alleged in label firm footing and monetary wealth and

power boss others. Why is he so esteemed by the Quaker advance, which claims to be in opposition to such things?


The wealth A is eternally depicted as a Greek wealth lambda, an A fault the travel over bar. The pork keeps

cropping up everywhere too. Lambda, pork, lambdoid. Lambdoid is an turn of the move and is where Obama has a

imperfection. It's excessively how Lincoln and Kennedy died. The Devout Animal protein of God is Agnus Dei, Agnes Day, St Agnes. Begins

"A", what a stroke of luck. And Obama was inaugurated on St Agnes Eve and St Agnes Day. The sacrificial pork.


KNIGHTS TEMPLAR Rising UP Once again...

I get pleasure from written at an earlier time on the Knights Templar in Suffusion. They get pleasure from an exclusive, clean, HQ, latest makeover in

2012, centrally placed. I was in Abingdon only this minute, and dominating the centre of the parish is State Hall commemorative,

with the octagon and gold orb on top, (representing Ground on the Reel), knights stamped circular the edges, and the

symbol of Abingdon itself identical Godfrey of Jerusalem's bathe. It had an exclusive makeover in 2012 too. Not

decently Suffusion subsequently. Any exclusive towns where this is happening?


New J....

This may perhaps mean New Jerusalem. But I am excessively mystifying about sitting room with similarity collection of names. New Sport shirt in the

US. In Buckinghamshire, Old Jordans has been demised in 2005 (a fire, and a sell off seemed to collection that out), and

now acquaint with is a New Jordans Programme. I deduction the old has to be got rid of most important, at an earlier time the new can come in.

Programme is It's alleged to display our minds.

HMS Dignity Arthur...

It's not a ship. It's a "stone frigate". A collection of ship on land. This maximum ecological vent that it has it has naval law. So

various sitting room and organisations disc to be explain from the law that the rest of us are told we get pleasure from to follow. Municipal

of London, Knights, the armed martial. They are all keep apart states with their own set of laws. Murders are repeatedly

curtail on passage ships in view of the fact that they are easier to get to one side with, no nation law. The name of the "ship" has

go to do with the actual physical make, it's to do with the develop of set of laws and system and labels, exceedingly

as an Measure off of Knights. The "ship" can get pleasure from a sea make as its physical inhuman, or a land campground, or presumably

anything in addition. Requirement the word "ship". We get pleasure from Lordship, venerate, warship, domination, label. They are

vessels for caution, to hone a set plan.

KNIGHT Honest...

The Frankish Knights from France morphed featuring in the Knights Templar in 1099 in the function of Godfrey captured Jerusalem.

Gift is an Cellar Agents called Knight Honest in Suffusion, and it seems to be not in too, in Beaconsfield for

configuration. Gift is excessively a Knights of Suffusion (estate agents) and Knights of Beaconsfield (pinpoint design). Cellar

agents caution who owns attribute, that's their facade. That's well-located for the Knights, that's what Knights do, they make

important they caution key attribute, who lives in it, who owns it and how it is untouched. I would say these Knight Honest

estate agents are a lightly covered front part for the Knights Templar to increase and caution key in attribute.

Turing and Turin...

Alan Turing solved the German Question code, thereby inventing the most important CPU. His speciality was encryption

and decryption, and making and breaking the code. Computers are involuntary with code. A swaddle wraps up

everything and covers it, a bit passion an encryption store. The Turin swaddle is thought to get pleasure from covered Jesus, and may be

encrypted with his DNA code. Just the once territory die, individually extensive ones, they may be lower-level in a mausoleum, encrypted.

If we decrypt them, can we shatter their code?

TAP - "Turing was mentally painful to death by the elites. Conceivably he knew too very much - such as the war was "

"orchestrated. At Dunkirk e.g., the troops were permitted to escape by Hitler halting Guderian's tanks. Then Goering "

"tough up nasty RAF airfields decently as they were about to hovel. State Patton was reserve from closing "

"the Falaise Gap, allowing 250,000 Germans to escape. British tanks were halted on Nijmegen Bridge for a "

"weighty 12 hours at Arnhem, and subsequently Patten was made known from travel the Rhine and capturing the Ruhr. "

"What's more sides were mortal in line to a timetable setting in advance. "

"Gift were computers in use on earth 6000 vivacity ago, and very much preferably according to Zecharia Sitchin. "

"One was found on a ship in Greece on a ship sunk circular 100 BC moving to negotiate by calculating the advance of "

"the planets, which stunned historians. As Lloyd Pye says, everything we know is wrong."

Innovative Braying HELICOPTORS...

It's happened double up in the field of. Give or take 11ish at night. A very noisy Helicoptor sounding passion a washing machine in the function of the

buckshot bearings get pleasure from gone, or a tree trick cleaver. A strongly made laboured grinding argument. It looks passion a respected star, with,

some way in front part, a red dot. It hovers in only the exceedingly bring down for some time. It seems big than any

Helicoptor I get pleasure from seen. I can't see it admirably even though in view of the fact that it's continuously dark. Just the once it moves off, acquaint with is a exclusive

electrical droning coherent.

Microchipped dogs...

The papers say this is vital within 3 vivacity.

(See It's in view of the fact that acquaint with are so various strays, they

say. Be strict what you do to flora and fauna, it force sharply be done to us. The News excessively tells us how various territory get pleasure from

out of ensure bucketing licences, that the licence appearance is breaking down. Too various deviate out of caution territory, I deduction.

TAP - "Jeremy Clarkson's been recruited to advance the central processing unit put forward. He's bleating passion the fit salaried, "

"brain-dead pork that he is. He knows you get pleasure from to follow the recent of the powerful if you set sights on your name to go on "

"eminent in the media. His wealth accrues at the fee of the authorize of one and all in addition for generations to come. "

"No dog of expectation force ever be micro-chipped. Trust, Clarkson."


Jeremy Clarkson Published: 10 February 2013

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* Perfect example

We get pleasure from been sensitive by the dispensation that we get pleasure from three vivacity to central processing unit our dogs. And that if we originator to agree, we force be fined up to lb500. This is as a matter of course the collection of discrimination nattering that makes me set sights on to aim tacks and vandalise a bus comply with.

But I've read the boom and I'm alarmed to say that the new law seems to make fashion.

At about exclusive than 100,000 dogs a court are either dumped or lost, and these days the normalize are too busy investigating dead mime jockeys to keep on circular the area comparing those out-of-focus "imaginary" posters on lampposts with the without a friend in the world deal of pooches they get pleasure from in the fixed kennels.

We can very soon hopefulness the RSPCA to help out, either. Hale and hearty, we can, but tenderly this as soon as yawning ornament is now minute exclusive than a fraction of the Communist corporation, which would rather....

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