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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Mystery Of The Pentalpha

A Mystery Of The Pentalpha Cover

Book: A Mystery Of The Pentalpha by Greg Wotton

This purification is not easy and any who have started this path realizes that this is very true. It is as a descent into Hell, a Hell which is within each of us, a Hell we need to conquer. The battle within is a battle with Self. Christ’s descent into Hell can be seen as this descent into self. the Dark Night of the Soul, so to speak.

Christ, when dead, was performing the purification of self and when risen was the perfected vessel of the Inner Light which is God. At this point he very much was God, as we all are and have the potential to be.

The Pentagram gives a very interesting point of view concerning this operation. The one point down with two points up (sometimes shown with a goat’s head within) shows the elements conquering and defeating the spirit. This is a representation of the soul’s journey into Hell.

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