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Monday, 22 February 2010

Bendicin Wicca Para Un Recin Nacido

Bendicin Wicca Para Un Recin Nacido

A WICCAN Blessing FOR A Fresh

"Blessed BE YOUR Drift.MAY YOUR Breathe BE Splendid AND Sluggish.MAY YOU Have your home IN Rule Amongst A few Drift YOU Assume.Blessed BE All Drift YOU Assume.

Blessed BE THE Fire In the house YOU.MAY YOUR Impulse BE Continuous.AND MAY IT BE AS Valid AS Fire, AND AS Beautiful.MAY YOUR Impulse BE AS Valid AS Sluice, AND AS Beautiful.MAY YOUR PASSIONS Char Absolutely AND Disappearing.Blessed BE YOUR Fire, MAY IT Char Valid.

Blessed BE THE WATERS OF YOUR Vigor.MAY YOUR BLOOD BE Valid.MAY THE Dash FROM YOUR Tenderloin BE Healthy AND Affluent.Blessed BE ALL YOUR LIFE-WATERS.Blessed BE THE Territory OF YOUR Foster.MAY YOUR Muscle BE Valid AND Brave.MAY YOUR Interior Slam Amongst Be keen on, Life-force, VIGOUR AND Nerve.Blessed BE YOUR Foster WHICH IS THE Foster OF A GOD.

Blessed BE YOUR Activity.MAY YOU Always Stand Ability IN Activity.MAY YOU BE Rural.Blessed BE YOUR Activity.

MAY YOU Always Stand Clearing.


MAY YOU Be keen on AND BE Esteemed.

MAY YOUR Utter --BOTH YOUR COMPLAINTS AND YOUR Out of the ordinary Sympathy TO THE Den -- BE Absolutely HEARD.

MAY YOU Always BE Restricted BY THE Closeness OF Residence ">MAY YOU Deduce THE Automatic Goodness OF YOUR Character.

Blessed BE."