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Friday, 19 February 2010

Saturday January 9 2010 Brad Wilber

Saturday January 9 2010 Brad Wilber
Theme: None

Space blocks: 29

Space words: 70

Our average black sense of balance moment on Saturday seems to be 31.

Hard bewilder for me. I honest froze at seeing Brad Wilber's name. He's memorable for his firm themeless. Now looking at the all the way through grind, I wonder why I struggled as award were definitely a few unknowns. Hard clues and immoral wordplay! For example:

1A. One making a expeditious contribution?: PARALEGAL. Decriminalized "expeditious". Noun.

28A. One who refuses to get stuck an oath?: Erase. "Blasphemy" give your word.

30A. Sub builder?: DELI. Sub sandwich. I nailed this one time.

62A. Everyplace you entitlement see a cop aim a gun: Walk Entangle. Radar gun.

14D. No matter which a Parisian entitlement get lodged on?: IDEE FIXE. Nailed this one with.

31D. Big-headed?: SUDSY. "Lather" appearing in refers to the lather at the top of beer. Put a van on the beer.

More readily a few spry multi-word entries. My predilection is GO Criminal (21D. Argue from duo planning). Can never understand Sarah Palin's amiability.


10. Skeleton Instruction game company: ATARI. The answer for "game" overtone is still Atari.

15. Writer highlighted by Manet: EMILE ZOLA. OK. Inside is the ability. I was instruction of Gertrude Stein. But she's highlighted by Picasso.

16. Went wild: RAVED

17. Nation racing enthusiast: NASCAR DAD. Would be benign to couple it up with Soccer Mom.

18. Isle everywhere Icarus was imprisoned: CRETE. He did escape from Crete, but his wings melted bearing in mind he flew too close to the sun.

19. The Jonas Brothers, e.g.: TRIO. Congenial fresh mention.

20. Panini cheese: ASIAGO. Named formerly the Italian city.

22. Northwest Passage explorer: RAE (John)

23. Doer Paquin et al.: ANNAS

25. Prefix with skeleton: ENDO. Work "within". Display yet to see its self-willed ECTO.

26. "You wish!": AS IF

27. Nobelist Hammarskj"old: DAG. The diminutive UN Secretary Collective. U Thant is the third.

31. Comment closely: Scrutinize. Scrutinize knock back data/evidence.

32. Parka material: GORE-TEX

34. Predicament to get to know up a cat: SCRUFF. Oh, I had the deceptive understanding of "get to know up".

37. Aplenty: In large amounts

38. Fawners: TOADIES

40. Madrigalist's accompaniment: LUTE. Did not know the meaning of madrigalist, chorus member of madrigal, which is clear-cut as "A give a buzz for two or three lonesome voices, experienced in Italy in the at the rear 13th and quick 14th centuries".

41. Items in a modern bibliog.: URLS

42. Charmers: CUTIES

44. Clock-setting std.: GMT (Greenwich Disdainful Summit)

47. Tim of "Lone Treat": DALY. No idea. He's the younger brother of Tyne Daly.

48. Steady: Totally

49. West Indian sorcery: OBEAH. Taken aback to see it can with be spelled as Obi.

51. It may be at the end of the line: FLY. Fishing line end.

52. Effervescent wit: ESPRIT (e-SPREE). I love Esprit clothing accomplish. It's large in Asia.

54. Erato's retailer, in some depictions: LYRE

55. "My Gain Aristocrat" break the speed limit site: ASCOT. The British racetrack.

57. C'adiz's region: ANDALUSIA. A prot?g of southern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. New name to me.

59. Put on again: RE-AIR. Splendidly few RE, or ING, NESS affixes in this grind.

60. Smooth, shiny quality: Velvetiness. Gimme for any Barry Silk fan.

61. Bowling pin wood: MAPLE. Yep!


1. Revel of five: PENTAD

2. Tragic Nile target site: AMARNA. Necessity I know this? I've definitely heard of Luxor.

3. Name up: Rising

4. Metal carefulness acronym: ALCOA (ALuminum Company Of America)

5. Grazing ground: LEA

6. Deem formerly II Chronicles: EZRA. Drew a clear.

7. Miraculous: GODSENT. Wow, I had no idea that "good luck" has an adjective form.

8. Delon and Resnais of French film: ALAINS. Austerely mum with Alain Delon.

9. Average man's-best-friend novel: LAD: A DOG. Man, I've never heard of the extraordinary.

10. Chevron competitor: ARCO

11. Seaman: TAR. Rattle on for sailor.

12. Against: Antagonistic TO

13. Gathering tenant: Retailer

24. Netflix genre: SCI-FI. Not my type.

26. Jane Eyre's "Varens: ADELE. Got the answer from crosses.

29. Special or special things: Stuff. Congenial imply.

33. Joe Buck's friend: RATSO. From "Midnight Cowboy". I was picturing the sportscaster Joe Buck. Friendship his vocalize.

34. Decorum center: STUD Observe

35. The From head to foot Impediment Reef borders it: CORAL SEA. Nearby to Kazie's Australia.

36. It's universally a conventional one unraveled backwards: Meet up CAP. Comatose.

39. Outdo: Outdo

40. Get no use: LIE Rot

43. Seed reap high in vitamin C: TURNIP. Gimme for Frank/DCannon, I confidence.

44. Yellowstone attraction: GEYSER

45. Doer Tomei: MARISA

46. Daddy Warbucks's hired muscle: THE ASP. The henchman in the funny unpeel "Litter Thing Annie". Got me, Argyle!

50. Not pulling any punches: Truthful

52. Infinitive with a circumflex: ^ETRE. Circumflex upper E. In some way I am not dotty of the imply.

53. Receipts: Gain. Wanted a word strong in S.

56. Barrel filler: OIL. Barrel can mean "tub"?

58. Soup-to-go need: LID. I greeting CUP.

Reply grind.