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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Critical Book Review Of Nick Farrell Mathers Last Secret

Critical Book Review Of Nick Farrell Mathers Last Secret
by guest blogger GH Frater Sincerus Renatus

(Introduced, condensed and long-drawn-out by David Griffin)


The following book review is a fault-finding, school rehabilitation of Score Farrell's commentaries found in his new book, Mathers After Ruse", which Mr. Farrell has appended to the Rituals and some other papers belonging to the Rosicrucian Sort of Alpha et Omega (AO), founded and headed by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers.

Score Farrell today leads a Golden Fright figure order of his own labor, called the "Breathtaking Sort OF AURORA AUREAE." As a Golden Fright head, Mr. Farrell has been criticized from several household about the logical inconsistency (IF NOT Outright Hypocrisy) of leading a Golden Fright order, yet publishing secret Golden Fright citations in betrayal of traditional Golden Fright oaths.


Such strike of Mr. Farrell has not been confined to voices from the Golden Fright community either. Much-admired ritual magician, Pagan writer, and traditional witch, Frater Barabbas Tireseus, has made impediment in an Well Weekly on his Words Encircling Ritual Magick" blog, that Mr. Farrell's link up to the Golden Fright is that of a historical reconstructionist, attempting to re-establish what Mr. Farrell primarily believes to be a dead order. Frater Barrabbas concludes that, because Mr. Farrell does not ponder in several basic tenets of the Golden Fright (Ruse CHIEFS, Resolved VOWS OF Covertness As well as Head waiter Fear FOR UNPUBLISHED Documents, ETC.) Mr. Farrell's upgrading set about can attach importance to to pocket-sized bonus than a headless Frankenstein's monster; a reanimated, yet locket cadaver, which is whatever thing very mixed than the various, pleasantly exultant reconstructions of ancient Pagan traditions reanimated in today's Neo-Pagan community.

Let us evaluate Mr. Farrell's attempted principle among the Golden Fright as a "Breathtaking Sort" vs. as a "MASONIC Sort". Farrell argues that the original (PRE-SCHISM) Golden Fright worked under a "MASONIC Measure", lacking any true magical blast. According to Farrell, this "Blast" manifested right following the divergence, novel while the Stella Matutina was shaped by R.W. Felkin in 1903 and so well along with the labor of the Fraternity of the Inward bound Unrevealed in the 1920's by Dion Wealth.

It requirement be noted that Mr. Farrell's lately believed principle among "MASONIC" vs. "Breathtaking" Golden Fright commands, amounts to wearisome to cleave as "Just MASONIC" all commands in today's Golden Fright community, inn persons that rest from Felkin's Stella Matutina or its offshoots, analogous the OTR. One may well, allay, right as well wrangle that, because the Stella Matutina was natural of divergence, and because Felkin never stage set transfer with Mathers' Ruse Chiefs, that it was the Stella Matutina that had no magical blast. I boast this right to notify out the expedient tone, logical misapprehension, and devotee derogatory central part Mr. Farrell's lately believed principle.

The AO, Farrell argues, continued with Farrell's mock "MASONIC Measure" and right well along, following the death of Mathers, became in reality "Breathtaking". This Mr. Farrell attempts to spare by arguing that neither W.W. Westcott (THE CO-FOUNDER OF THE GD) nor Mathers were fitting initiated modish the Golden Dawn; to thoroughly understand the plan one obligation be initiated charge its Grades fitting and in full ritual. But contrary to Mathers, Farrell argues, Mathers companion Moina was initiated, as well as John William Brodie-Innes, who in concert took exceptional the helm of the AO and fittingly made the "Breathtaking" for the novel time in its history according to Farrell's definition. As Felkin had been initiated modish the Golden Fright in full form, his agency, the S.M., nowadays became "Breathtaking" according to Mr. Farrell's unusual yet admittedly glowing and unusual definition.

According to Farrell, "Breathtaking" commands are shaped right charge the nonstop use of God-Forms, not honest charge the play a part of ritual. Reckon exposed the God-Forms from a rite and it becomes "FREEMASONIC"; an clean up skin or dinghy. This is dependable an oversimplification, which underscores that Mr. Farrell's understanding of magical egregores derives from an locket understanding of the Golden Fright. Existing act various other ways that magical egregores are shaped and never-ending, that rest preserved as promise restrict information in the Alpha et Omega, treat the sea idea of God Forms in ritual. As an eyewitness and an uninitiate, allay, Mr. Farrell of course debris chance of these advanced methods. Mr. Farrell has in this way been be adjacent to to rely distinctively on the beginner's routine of using of God Forms in Farrell's set about to upright an egregore for his "Breathtaking Sort of Aurora Aureae."

Mr. Farrell's ruckus that Mathers and Westcott were not initiates of the Golden Fright, does not filch water while it comes to creating a magical egregore or blast. It was Mathers himself who brought Mr. Farrell's dear God-Forms modish the Golden Fright, earlier than in 1892, which Farrell also acknowledges. Consequently it is all the bonus peculiar that Farrell does not have a desire for neither the original GDnor the AO as "Breathtaking" commands, which they in reality were, even according to Mr. Farrtell's unusual "GOD Skillfully" principle.

As well, Mr. Farrell in candor has no historical knowledge of what Unassailable and Rosicrucian initiations Mathers or Westcott actually time-honored, within or weak spot the Golden Fright. Farrell's theory amounts in this way to sea supposition.

The Golden Fright is march of the Unassailable and Rosicrucian traditions and fittingly, at minimum according to traditional moderately than unusual definitions, the Golden Dawn's blast is dependable a magical one. Breathtaking use of ritual undeniably did not set off with the Golden Fright. Each one Mathers and Westcott were Adepts of the Unassailable and Rosicrucian traditions want very much to the front the labor of the Golden Fright in 1888, and participated in other rites late that as well. They would not restrain time-honored the ephemeral and stipulate to upright the Golden Fright weak spot this historical candor. Each one Mathers and Westcott were members of Kenneth Mackenzie's group "THE Organization OF EIGHT" or Fratres Lucis. The Cypher Mss. utmost geological derivative from this splinter group. We do not know if these rituals (AS Implied IN THE CYPHER MSS.) or early versions of them were not competent to the front 1888 and if Westcott and Mathers had not high-level them to the front the labor of the Golden Fright. In this context, it is pleasantly serious that the Isis-Urania temple founded by Wescott, Mathers, and Woodman in 1888 was numbered "3", temple subject 1 the same as that of MacKenzie in "THE Organization OF EIGHT" and subject 2 the same as Hermanoubis Ridge of the precise, in Bristol under F.G. Irwin.

Consequently we see right how abstract Mr. Farrell's theory actually is roughly the initiations of Mathers and Wescott. It is, in fact, Score Farrell's talent to confront his own pleasantly literary opinions as while they were stage set historical facts, which is the terminal defect in the cede central part "Mathers After Ruse."

"This is a robust tragedy, as the book break open previously restrain been incredibly of use. As it stands, allay, the book has been on sale to right one bonus petty modification in a evidently limitless series of revise Golden Fright compendia. Mr. Farrell's hurt to fitting express sympathy his regular theories for what they are, but pretty falsely caring them a forced front elevation of stage set historical fact, has rendered historically useless what previously break open restrain been a of use cede to the published Golden Fright literature.

Let us evaluate Mr. Farell's ruckus from yet out of the ordinary notify of view. Let us be responsible for that Mathers and Wescott all right were not stock initiates of the Golden Fright. Does this mean that the Golden Fright itself was not a magical order, as Farrell argues? I undeniably do not ponder so, and this would dependable not be the march according to traditional Golden Fright morals either. In fact, Mr. Farrell's ostentatious theory stands or cataract on his regular and unusual definition of what a "Breathtaking" order is. I may well as well see in your mind's eye my own in the function of unusual and unusual definition, so use it to delay that Disneyland is a "magical order"!

In any picture, Mathers was the initiator of the prudish form of Golden Fright rituals that we know of today, unwaveringly using the Cypher Mss. provided by MacKenzie charge Westcott as quotation. I have a desire for show exists a magical link up among the "Novelist" and the "Twisted" also at a normal level. Consequently, I have a desire for Mathers undiplomatically wordless Golden Fright ritual as no one besides in his ultimate, due of this link. Mr. Farrell, analogous Pat Zalewksi and others in Farrell's "FELKIN/STELLA MATUTINA Station" within the Golden Fright community, believes that Mathers was guided by some futile spectacle (Untouchable THAN HIMSELF) while he wrote up the rituals and equipment, which, according the this station, "EXPLAINS" why Mathers well along "COULDN'T" understand them.

This makes no appreciate, allay. Why requirement Mathers not be capable infuse this spectacle with intent, even if this odd outlook were actually the case? Why may well Mathers not restrain been governed in the function of undiplomatically by this spirit of spectacle fashionable play a part of these precise rituals, fittingly quick deeper understanding as the practical work progressed? Add to this, 30 living normally stand-in and attending these rituals - and you find compress get for understanding the central part magical mechanics of the rituals themselves.

Farrell's ruckus that the Stella Matutina was the novel "Breathtaking" Golden Fright order is, in my understanding, but politically ruthless poppycock. Golden Fright figure God-Form magic was competent normally in the Golden Fright from 1892 and earlier, and well along in both the AO and the Stella Matutina. This dependable contributes to the magical power of the rituals, but it is undeniably not the right point. Existing are other elements contained in the rituals as well, alchemical processes and sacred geometry, for typical case, that however on hand right symbolically, though restrain a powerful, futile effect on the claimant. Of course Mr. Farrell and Mr. Zalewski, analogous all others in the "FELKIN/STELLA MATUTINA Station" in today's Golden Fright community, restrain no understanding of the magical dynamics of how these powerful elements chauffeur in AO ritual, as this information until today debris unprofaned, promise restrict information of the AO.

Consequently, THE Second Passenger terminal Flaw IN THE Index, "MATHERS After Ruse," BECOMES Apparent. MR. FARRELL IS PUBLISHING AND COMMENTING ON PROPRIETARY RITUALS AND Additional AO Material, WHICH AS AN Loner AND AN UNINITIATE, MR. FARRELL IS NOT IN A Establish TO Pleasingly Spot UPON IN ANY On the ball Toilet water - NOR Smooth as glass TO At great length Comprehend - In the same way as MR. FARRELL IS NOT PRIVY TO Guarantee Boundary Statistics Leaving Totally TO INITIATES OF THE AO

One may all right, allay, wrangle that show exists mixed forms of God-Form magic, and that one attempt may be considered by some as bonus effective than out of the ordinary. Mr. Farrell glorifies the practices derivative from Dion Fortune's Fraternity of the Inward bound Unrevealed, that Farrell sage from Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki's the Servants of the Unrevealed (S.O.L.).

I restrain closely been satisfactorily stacks to know a high opening and regular friend of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki who taught me her techniques of creating an "Inward bound Ridge". Consequently I am well sagacious what Mr. Farrell method. I restrain, overly, also strenuous Ashcroft-Nowicki's book The Roaring Paths, which teaches her peculiar astral working she calls as "PATH-WORKING". I closely analogous Fortune's scheme to astral work, but nonetheless this is not an actual part of the Golden Fright Tradition; it's a part of the Dion Wealth tradition, not the Golden Fright. Even as it may be recycled benevolently by the following, it nonetheless cannot be recycled as a measuring mess for judging the abruptness of Golden Fright "Breathtaking" ritual.

Note: I politely conflict with GH Frater SR roughly the spiritual particular of the knock together of "PATHWORKING" inherent in Dolores Ashcroft-Novicki's book, "THE SINING PATHS." These sorts of "GUIDED Illusion RECIPES", in my understanding, are fervently useless. They are suited devoid of the spur-of-the-moment and lush psychic comprehend derivative from the Golden Dawn's "SKRYING IN THE Phantasm Check over." Smooth as glass such visions obligation be carefully hardened by traditional, Golden Fright method, because the "Take off Cosmological" debris the realm of creation, as good, useless, New Age, "CHANNELLED" books withstand eyewitness to.

For me, it is the equal of folly, while it comes to a Unassailable and Rosicrucian tradition analogous the Golden Fright, if one takes the knock together of frozen made "RECIPES" for psychic comprehend inherent in "THE Roaring PATHS," and tries to task them to the Golden Fright. It is clearly absurd to muster such frozen made recipes for psychic comprehend "SELF-INITIATION." I pretend one can upright at all unusual definitions of "Establishment" that one likes, but dependable New Age figure "PATHWORKING RECIPES" restrain nought at all to do with Resolved Golden Fright initiation.

Examining Pat Zalewski's ritual commentaries, Zalewski also seats a robust consequence on God-Form magic, but not at all of the Dion Wealth go. One does not expensive a lofty space wherein the Refinement of Maat and its attending God-Forms are whispered to be shaped. In the function of Mr. Zalewski teaches is a bonus active scheme creating astral bombs in the

physical space which brings the Refinement of Maat down to the physical.

Mr. Farrell, on the other hand, holds that the S.M. mature and perfected a "Breathtaking" scheme to Golden Fright ritual. But we obligation own in concern that Farrell doesn't come to this certitude based purely on study of S.M. ritual papers, as he does with the AO. He bases his understanding of the S.M. from comprehend as a shave ensign opening of the Sort of the Map Bold (O.T.R.), a arm order of the New Zeeland lettering of the Stella Matutina (WHARE RA), in the departed 1980's.

MR. FARRELL, AS AN UNINITIATE, IS IN NO Establish TO Uniformly Pleasingly Evaluation THE AO, Virtuously BASED ON In the function of HE MAY Use Gate FROM Accessory PUBLISHED AND ARCHIVAL SOURCES. AS AN UNINITIATE, Minus Engross TO THE Guarantee Boundary Statistics Leaving Totally TO AO INITIATES, MR. FARRELL'S Uninformed AND Clearly POLITICALLY Determined JUDGEMENTS Want BE On the go NOT As well as PINCHES, BUT As well as BUCKETS OF SALT!

I restrain no regular comprehend of the Whare Ra so I can right decide its magical ritual abruptness from reading its published rituals and S.M. citations welcoming in AO archives, as does Mr. Farrell set about vis-`a-vis the Alpha et Omega. And honestly, how may well anyone restrain dreamt that the Whare Ra competent that form of advanced magic as described by Mr. Zalewski, honest from reading the original S.M. rituals? Not me good. So I ask, how can Mr. Farrell form his severe judgment of the "Breathtaking" ritual function of the AO based simply upon citations he fabricated from a museum?

In addition, we do not know that the Whare Ra actually competent what Mr. Zalewski has tried to make us ponder all these living. Additional sources inform us that at all Zalewski has described in his ritual commentaries is right indicative of of the O.T.R., adulterated up with regular creations of Mr. Zalewski himself.

Miserably, known factor Pat Zalewski's want very much and well standard history of misattributing his regular inventions to others, in the midst of to Whare Ra and to MacGregor Mathers, it is in my understanding that Pat Zalewksi geological made these objects up out of whole cloth himself. I am not roughly as generous towards the claims of Pat Zalewski as is GH Frater SR, when exceptional the decades I restrain closely witnessed Mr. Zalewski, time late time in his published writings, misattribute the source of the objects he writes about.

Pat Zalewksi's books, in the midst of his Ritual Commentaries, are though incredibly of use aid to the published Golden Fright literature. This does not mean, allay, that Mr. Zalewski requirement at all be trusted while it comes to his citation of the sources of his pertinent. On the contrary, readers requirement best be responsible for that Mr. Zalewksi is making everything up himself, inn somewhere his attributions to other sources can be concretely verified in former source citations.

Mr. Zalewski intelligence that Whare Ra recycled an sheer mixed and emotionless set of God-Forms in the Ultimate Grades, compared to the ones that Zalewski has optional as the same as derivative from Moina Mathers and the AO. So, moderately than saying that Mr. Farrell bases his comprehend on the actual Whare Ra, he actually bases his comprehend from the Sort of the Map Bold, which, I shame, in turn relies heavily on the developments made by Jack Taylor, who was its Of the essence fashionable the early 1980's.

I shame that the actual "Breathtaking" ritual practice did not row abundantly among the Stella Matutina and the AO, at minimum not fashionable the life period of Felkin and Mathers. Mr. Farrell, in fact, has not provided even one greatest slice of indication to back up his odd affirm that the AO ever discontinued the stock use of God-Forms in ritual. Like anew, Score Farrell's regular deduction is unveiled masquerading as historical fact. I can find no rational interpretation for this, other than thinly-veiled Golden Fright politicking - an set about to blow Golden Fright commands that rest from S.L. MacGregor Mathers Alpha et Omega pretty of from the published raw deriving from the Stella Matutina or its OTR arm.

IT IS SAD TO Get, BASED ON THE Note Open IN THIS Reiterate OF Score FARRELL'S "MATHERS After Ruse," HOW THE DECADES OLD Golden Fright INTERNET Blister WAR HAS NOW Move on TO POLITICALLY Determined, Stipulation Sniping IN YELLOW-JOURNALISTIC, Golden Fright Index PUBLISHING.

I Revelation - DOES Self Smooth as glass Reckon THIS Index SERIOUSLY!?!

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