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Saturday, 13 February 2010

An Examination Of The Chronology Of Rigveda Narahari Achar

An Examination Of The Chronology Of Rigveda Narahari Achar
The Rig vedas stand as a truth of gargantuan antiquity of Hindu / Vedic culture in this Karma bhoomi of ours. Unfortunately its antiquity has been diluted for long. The connect to the reaserch document by Sri Narahari Achar is unquestionable less than. This provides hold that some of the safe Rig vedic hyms assignation as far back 7000 BCE.

An investigate of the chronology of Rigveda based on important references using planetarium software (B. Narahari Achar, 19 April 2009)

In this context we necessity restoration some facts about the Vedic prior.

The Vedas are as old as mankind itself. They store been conceived everytime secular pass quickly (manvanthra) has rejuvenated itself. The at once avilable hymns were clear four of thousands of Vedas that existed until Mahabharatha period. By the time of Mahabharatha, best of them store lost concentration to the inconsistent Dharma- track of Kaliyuga. It was krishna Dwaipayana, popularly predictable as Ved Vyas who, with his foresightful wisdom prepared a hard to please way out of hymns from the subsequently safe wad of Vedic wealth, that can be proficient and legally binding in Kaliyuga.

To the same extent we store today as the 4 Vedas are a compilation of hymns from disparate sources (rishis) unquestionable at disparate periods in the prior.

As such, there is no join chronology of the vedas. They store been evolved calm at all period. The 4 vedas thermselves were not evolved in any lay chain. Their comfortable straightforwardly store been serialised as 4 vedas. But their origin had happened at all period calm in the prior. By this it course that a rig vedic requiem can store been evolved at a turn bearing in mind than a earliest Atharvan requiem ever since there may be sundry Rig Vedic requiem evolved 1000s of time in the past that. Submit is perfectly no extent in the turn they store evolved. The extent is with reference to the serialisation which Vyas had done.

Sri Narahari Achar has brought here rotation the hymns that evolved as beforehand as 7000 BCE! The Vernal equinox was at the comemncement of Bhadrapada (at make it is in Piseces / Phalguni). Rama's initiate happened just the once the vernal equinox was at the inaugurate of Cancer! Krishna's initiate was at the time of vernal equinox at the inaugurate of Taurus. The lavish divison of Spit as yugas is legally binding in keepng time such as this!

Rama's initiate time can be solid on the justification of multitude corroborative proof. The astral software has been cast-off by scholars would like Prof Vartak and Prof Bhatnagar to place the assignation at 7000 time ago from now.

Krishna's initiate tallies well with archeological upshot at underwater Dwaraka. The Harappan upshot proper with a assignation bearing in mind than Krishna's period, generous drive to the perception that the settlers at Saraswathy river-bank were the dis-located terrain of Dwaraka due to drenching rain of Dwaraka. From the footer in Mahabharatha we know that the terrain of Dwaraka stimulated North put aside the Saraswathy channel and populated enroute.

The impotant corroborative proof I mentioned boss on Rama's period is from astrology. The astro-birth article of Rama are rigorous in that we can not straightforwardly form the horoscope of Rama but excessively corroboration the accomplishments in Rama's life in line with the dasa-antar dasa preditions of Rama's horoscope. We can think it over that every illustrate that happened to Rama tallies well with the dasa predictions of Rama's horoscope. I thrust writing implement about this just the once I do a broad series on Rama's period.

To the same extent necessity not be lost position of is that the 4 vedas existed even at Rama's period. Rama had learnt all the 4 vedas. If the Rig veda is believed to store been evolved at unevenly 3000 BC and the Atharvan veda at a turn bearing in mind to this, how can store Rama learnt them in 5000 BCE?

Any dating on vedas can not be cast-off to compartmentalise the prior as vedic or pre-vedic etc. The dating can straightforwardly jump additonal advance to pushing back civilisation in the Indian land wad to far more readily to the end of Ice age!

Prof Achar's report has unquestionable this impetus!

To say on the justification of dating of the at once avilable vedas that they were evolved straightforwardly a few thousands of time ago is patchy. In the comity of such small understanding of the Vedic prior, Prof Achar has done well in bringing out the assignation of some of the avilable hymns with concentrated proof.

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