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Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Critical Mass

The Critical Mass
1 organism in 10,000: one unimaginable through myriads...

"a organism of gut reaction, who has found her..."

"Kohelet" 7:27 Notice, this secure I found, saith Kohelet, tallying one thing to different, to find out the account; 28 which yet my middle sought after, but I found not; one man through a thousand secure I found; but a organism through all relatives secure I not found. 29 Notice, this in words of one syllable secure I found, that God through man upright;.

Kohelet 7:27-29 speaks of view one man in a thousand (pasuk 27), and points out that one organism in a thousand has not been found (pasuk 28). That may be in the same way as a organism is found in 10,000 (pasuk 29). The secret key to these 3 pesukim is contained in the malchuto blessing when kriat shema, and represents charm unity in the world of sort.

(unity in unity: shema)

(unity in multiplicity: malchuto)

Memo pasuk 29. The second word () of the absolute perek in pasuk 29 is the plural of, which is a organism (, one unimaginable) through myriads () as told in the dvar Torah on "reishit" Bereshit 1:1 entitled "Shem Chai". Attractively, the perek is 7 (zayin, vivid the organism of valor) and the pasuk is 29 (the second yesodic "collecting and focusing" run dressed in 30 and the letter lamed, vivid malchut). The accumulate gematria of the perek (7) and the pasuk (29) is 36; a nistarah. And so, we can see that this perek of Kohelet hides in its second pasuk a tzedeket nistarah, promising exactly in time for Purim.

The second 3 words of pasuk 29 which are routinely translated "but they secure sought after out visit inventions" ( ), can be permutated by moving the letter beit dressed in, which translates as "gut reaction (), the daughters () of ravim ()".

My primeval knowledge of rav () is one of the ravim () of Kohelet 7:29. In physical human being, I am the baby (malchut) of this "rav" (keter) knowledge. In other words, I am "one unimaginable" () through myriads (), a living cut of the blessing pure to daughters of the patriarchs and matriarchs.

Examining the second 3 words of pasuk 29, we see:

Chash is a 2-letter embed (a contact and a deeper embed, according to Sefer Yetzirah), from which are resulting visit meanings and 3-letter family tree. In postscript to its generally spoken meaning of "subdued", can as well mean "aches" and "gut reaction" . It is as well the 2-letter embed of both the primeval loop, the nachash (), and brown, choshech ().

"Aches" take in hand to the birthpangs of (one's sparkle of) mashiach and suggest healing at the middle level of chayah, in transitory for an knowledge of yechidah and unity with one's true inevitable bashert. Yechidah is the middle level of Adam Kadmon, the usual embed of all souls of Yisrael, and the inner sparkle of mashiach of populace.

The "gut reaction" meaning pertains to view a organism of gut reaction, a true organism of valor (eshet chayil) in malchut, whose 5 dinim secure been reconstructed dressed in 5 strengths. The "gut reaction" is packed in that it moves peacefully from the hub of a organism to imbue everything she perceives and does. In other words, the Predict Moral fiber from the sefirah keter permeates malchut of malchut. In a organism of gut reaction, malchut and keter are in charm unity, together in organization with all the sefirot.

As the 2-letter embed of both the primeval snake/nachash () and darkness/choshech (), in provisos of a organism and whom the Predict Moral fiber flows, represents and is key to tikun of the loop energy and to transforming brown to light, "ithapcha chashocha lenehora". Torah teaches us that if "someone says I secure toiled and I secure found, s/he may be alleged." It is within the power of every neshamah to find one's own inner sparkle of mashiach. I secure found mine, and my shem chai. "

Benot (daughters) pertains to kedushah, godliness. From the embed, meaning to build or supply, Torah tells benot Torah to build and supply with kedushah, and to separate from depravity. Tzenuit is a essential mold of attaining and maintaining godliness.

is a female plural form matching to malchut. This form is recycled to put together the the plural of (baby, atypical) as hostile to. In the atypical word for baby, the letter nun () has fallen out of ben (), a generic word for child and the usual 2-letter embed for both son and baby. This suggests that "bat" refers to a organism whose identity exists in words of one syllable within the context of a group of women, namely, benot. In other words, a baby (in the form ) has yet to extent her individuality as an creature () in malchut.

The letter tav () of bat seals the blessing () of sitre Torah dweller to the holy female core; most recent sealed until the time she stumbles owing to her true bashert. Hardly a woman's true bashert has the power to remove the spiritual similar and spread the letter nun, making her a ben-Torah (a child of Torah) accomplished to actualize her own poles apart identity in kedushah, divided out from through a generic group of women. Hardly divided out in kedushah find irresistible this can the wonders out of be unleashed. Ramchal tells us "what is too wondrous out of you, do not endeavor" - now we can understand why - "in words of one syllable one" is fit to unpick the wonders beyond; becoming unleashed as one stumbles owing to his or her true bashert. No one can understand The Law unless one has stumbled owing to it .

Ben broadly refers to son, yet as written above, it can as well take in hand to a child of any sexual characteristics, too to bar (), different word for son/child . Retention of the letter nun () by benot suggests an expansion of female consciousness on par with mannish consciousness, everywhere the fallen nun has been supercilious back dressed in the realm of godliness. It as well suggests equal trial of female and mannish energies, everywhere both a son and a baby are significant by the put together ben. Liable this expansion, it is development natural that the word benot reflects rectified sort (ben-ot) of malchut in strange organization with the unity of binah (benot).

Benot has a gematria of 458, the recognize of mashiach/shem chai (358) set up 100 ( of kedushah). From this we can see that benot refers to the female hype of the regular mashiach in kedushah, and to the creature sparkle of mashiach (shem chai) raised to this female hype of kedushah. Healthy, the power to nominate (malchut) and supply (binah) the Torah of Mashiach rests within the holy female hype.

In contra-distinction to benot with a gematria of 458 ( more than mashiach), a bearer of news (shliach, ) of mashiach has a gematria of 348, 10 () less than the gematria of mashiach (358). The not here recognize of yod () in shliach suggests that the shliach is yet lissom (and harnassing 10 faculties of the middle) to stammer owing to his/her true bashert; as one's true bashert is the in words of one syllable one with the power to unbolt and bring forth one's shem chai.

An not built up shem chai suggests that the 10 faculties of the shliach's middle secure been rewardingly harnassed. These 10 faculties are also multiplied by the 10 kingdoms (female malchutot of all the sefirot), thereby catalyzing actualization of all the middle powers in majestic unity of sort (). As G-d foremost expressive, Adam also becomes raised to the level of the regular mashiach in kedushah (458). "No angels call for apply."

Rav () income visit, unimaginable, vast, fierce, persuasive, poly-, multi- rabbi, and dissension. Ravim () income unimaginable myriads. Rav/ravim reflects the sign () of brit milah pure to the children of Avraham the world over (), and to the children of Yisrael explicitly () in distribute and the in addition sign of () shabbat. To reiterate, I am "one unimaginable" () through myriads (), a living cut of the blessing pure to daughters of the patriarchs and matriarchs.

Taking all this together, the second 3 words of Kohelet 7:29 hint to the earnest accumulate of consciousness popular to reveal the Sparkle of Mashiach and to bring redemption to the world.. It takes 1 and 10,000, a unimaginable myriads.

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