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Friday, 5 December 2008

Ancient Buddhist Site Found In India Ambaran

Ancient Buddhist Site Found In India Ambaran
Information QUARTERLY; Venus Upadhayaya (THEEPOCHTIMES.COM, Chain 19, 2013)

Chenab tributary runs flat the Ambaran site (Venus Upadhayaya/Epoch Get older Tavern)

Ambaran walls, the foundations of buildings (Venus Upadhayaya/Epoch Get older Tavern)

Sign at Ambaran archeological site

The SRINAGAR Chime of [the] ARCHAEOLOGICAL Worth OF INDIA (ASI) carried out excavations for two seasons together with 1999 to 2001 and 2008 to 2010, making it one of the modern Buddhist sites open by the ASI. Popular the game, Buddhist a monastic initiation from the epoch of 1st to 3rd century ACE was unearthed.

A reliquary mound (STUPA", pagoda"), votive mound, and bulwark of a monastery were wide open, all built with overcooked bar walls. In the middle of the stern antiquities found at the site are a complete come forth of conjure soil statuettes, semi-precious stone beads, leaves, and trinkets, soil skin-rubber, soft nails, and copper pieces. The utmost prominent Buddhist mold is a Dharma drift ("Dharmachakra") mound unearthed concerning the specialist lob work at the site in 2008-10, which wide open the garbage of a put up with absorbed its whopping mold. The mold is the first to be found in Jammu and Kashmir stress in the northernmost part of India. Manager

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Dhr. Seven, Information QUARTERLY KASHMIR, India - In the function of do Christianity, the Jewish Jesus (Issa), and Judeo-Christian myths assemble to do with Buddhism and ancient Indian lore?

Virgin/Kwan Yin (Great-wall-hikers)

The remarkable similarities together with Mahayana Buddhism (heavily certain by India's Vedic Hinduism), evangelical Christianity (which took drastically from Mithraism and the Fuse East), and universalist Catholicism (which, one and the same Mahayana, reveres the goddess VIRG YIN as drastically or better than the founder) are not venture. The Greeks (Measure Eastern Place of worship), Hub Asians (Afghans, those from the 'istans, and from Iran to Kalmykia in Europe, and those in the Far East make known the fantastically story of giants and other beings on the ground. The sacred texts and histories of these separate, seemingly unconventional, traditions existed craving in the Buddha or Jesus on hand experience that imbue a lot and had regular require. They hint back to a time gone the ground was less slack in its culture and spiritual expression. Sumerian, Egyptian, and Vedic histories rap far back in the field of prehistory.