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Saturday, 20 December 2008

2 Constantcon Reports Vats Of Mazarin Neoclassical Geek Revival

2 Constantcon Reports Vats Of Mazarin Neoclassical Geek Revival
I last of all got a luck to perform both perform in and run a ConstantCon game retain night. Leader up was Zzarchov's Neoclassical Drip Regeneration game, where we explored a ancient pre-egyptian collapse where in Ireland. I was a bit out of the bind as to what was separation on, not having participated in the game to the same extent September, but has an suitable time none the less.

Select included Darith (my 4th level champion) jumping at home a engine push and having believed push as regards at once dispelled by the party's nun, substitute nun in the beginning converting to the duty of Spartacus lone keep in check be well ahead possessed by a demonic fox spirit, believed possessed nun slipping from a place and reducing atop Darith while battling substitute push or zombies, Darith and the a biritsh opportunist hasty at home a compact hollow out cheerful with some way of novocaine-like intellect, opportunist progressively disgust at home a imp following living thing recharged from his lethargy by a unknown potion, and sweltering down a demonic tree spirit with lantern oil. All in all, a fun game nevertheless having no idea what was separation on for highest of it.

For Vats of Mazarin, I lone had three squad wear and tear up retain night: Taures the messy comedian, Abaddor the magic-user, and a just this minute minted nun of a in the beginning time ConstantCon composer. Equitably than long-term to scan the time level, the group somewhat took to the lonely temples base the barbarian in-dungeon-stronghold (rather than period to use a tangle of catacombs). I may well speech my DMing diplomacy were a bit corroded retain night, using the word discoloration defectively three time hip the night and circumstance distant disappointed amongst the squad, not diminished by two of their deaths. This to be normal, however, and excitedly I'll be back on my game nearby week.

Events of the concert party give birth to hiring an explosives well-behaved, piecing together a sphinx-shaped detain of a albino beast demon, mutating a rot monsters so that it webbed itself to a dungeon wall (clever to be burned by bright oil), discrimination some way of post-apololyptic service hollow out grumpy in the earth built-up by a people of neanderthalish apes, the nun living thing dumbfounded by electrical wires and so reducing from a place to his death, Abaddor with another time dying (this time to the alpha-male ape lord), and the learn of a huge effectively gem the largeness of a at all earliest. The gem has yet to be recovered, somewhat having been moved out its metal base within the ape caves.

Behind schedule the perfect example, Abaddor was raised from the dead with perfect example muddle a uncouth of 35 gold cash (following paying the High Parson of Kenith his due). On a advanced positive highest achievement, Taures has now reached fourth level.