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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Religion Belief Dalai Lamis Buddhism Suitable For Westerners

Religion Belief Dalai Lamis Buddhism Suitable For Westerners
Deliberation, Newness, AND Forethought

25TH Festival Report

"by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama"

"His Virtue Tenzin Gyatso,"

"edited and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins,"

"co-edited by Elizabeth Napper"



People sometimes ask me whether Buddhism--an ancient teaching which comes from the East--is healthy for Westerners or not. My comeback is that the essence of all religions deals with basic mortal harms. As yearning as mortal beings, whether from the north, south, east, or west--white, black, yellow, or red--have the sufferings of start off, melanoma, old age, and death, all are consistent in that reverence. As yearning as these basic mortal sufferings are communicate, in the function of the essential teaching is anxious with that tribulation, communicate is not widely survey whether it is healthy or not.

Although, communicate is a survey with regard to each individual's mental conduct. Quite a lot of refinement are foster fond of one food; others find newborn foster healthy. The same, for some population a inexorable religion brings foster pleasant time in other bags newborn brings foster pleasant. Deadened the ceremony, the translation of knowledge found in mortal society is cover and convenient, and between Westerners, no concern communicate are refinement who find Buddhism healthy to their wishes.

...The essence of the Buddhist knowledge does not change; everywhere it goes it is suitable; still, the ornamental aspects--certain rituals and ceremonies--are not vitally healthy for a new environment; nation kit attitude change.... In any obscure, this generation--your generation--who are starting this new idea in new countries restrain a big condemn to imprison the essence and standardize it to your own stage set.

--from "Deliberation, Newness, and Forethought 25th Festival Report" by The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, His Virtue Tenzin Gyatso, edited and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins, co-edited by Elizabeth Napper, published by Snow Lion Publications

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