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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Poems In The Forest A Pagan Love Song

Poems In The Forest A Pagan Love Song Image

In the Forest of Green poems come to life

Love whispers in the spark of Ivyand in the sheen of crystalLike a sword of light

A dreaming Unicornwith a face of the greenmangently resurrectslike ashes to wingslike seeds to light

The Forest soul comes alivewith memorywith spirit

My pagan heart rises as I sing a love songthrough trails of ivypurple bloomsand a giant yellow starthat fell from my heart

A pumpkin's blossomadorns you with new magic..

You have come to life

and All of the forest sings now

The Unicorns still dream and bend their light into Silvers and Golds

The Blossoming ignitesall that I am

Your eyesspeak through mine now

and I have been awakenedinsidethe Forest-Heart

To paint the ambers and goldsand shape the lush green starsto create and awaken the seedlingsto invoke the dustand transform all things to the light once more

You have given meall that is goodall that is bright and eternalI am now like a shining star in the Universewaving wands of creation and bliss

You have become an ancient once moreas time quickensand the pulse of light speeds downthe time of your sleep has arrivedI will awake you again

I will wait with youas you dream

I will visit your realm

and bring offerings

adorn you with gems of the enchanted

I will speak to you in the quietin the lightand in the dark

I will hold youalongsidethe passing of each season's spiritand the winding of the wheel

I will sing with all that you have given me

And as you fall with sleeponce againI will rest there with youas the earth swallows you

and like a prayer or an abandoned poem waiting in the beautiful darkI will wait for your return

a love song waiting

waiting to be answeredwaiting to Becomewaiting to be set Freeand Roam with the Eternal Forest-Heart.*Vicoria Pettella

Spells of Infinity*

Magic Prose and PhotographyVictoria Pettella

Wishing you all a beautiful end of summer..and new blessings as we enter Autumn's realm..*Thankyou for your visits and words..Always AppreciatedVictoria

* THIS PHOTO SERIES was wicked fun... a color rush for melush bright pumpkin blossoms were screaming out loud in my garden....they are so pumpkins growing..sadly..but I still enjoy the blossoms! They look gorgeous against the dark green ivy and leaves. and my old greenman went missing all summer..He returned frail and weathered and a bit he is now painted blue...THIS PHOTO SHOOT IS DEDICATED TO HIM..I PROMISE TO NEVER LOSE YOU AGAIN!HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS PHOTO SERIES!

Books in PDF format to read:

Hrafnagaldr Odi - Odin Ravens Song
Timothy Freke - The Jesus Mysteries Was The Original Jesus A Pagan God

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