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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Holy Wells Day

Holy Wells Day Cover
Today is Holy Wells Day, a day dedicated to Caedda, the celtic goddess of healing springs and wells.

Ceadda, an Old English Goddess of healing springs and wells, enjoys her holy day of celebration on March 2. While Her place in the hearts of the people has since been appropriated by St. Chad of Mercia, Catholic patron saint of wells, those of us who follow the old ways may care to pay homage to Ceadda today.

To lend energy to this maiden Goddess, visit a natural spring or well. Tidy up the grounds by picking up any refuse that you see on the ground, and leave a small gift of organic flowers or fruit near the water. Naturally sweet gifts are appropriate, as are organic cotton ribbons to bedeck the well.

Saying a few words for Ceadda is also appropriate. Speak from your heart, either out loud or silently, and tell Her how grateful you are for the living waters that spring from the Earth to heal and nourish us. If you wish, you may use this prayer:

Ceadda, Lady of healing waters,

Hear my grateful voice.

Please receive my gift of "In acknowledgement of your Divine work

Thank you for protecting and keeping the sacred springs and wells

I pay You homage and remember You

Sources: The Pagan Book of Days and

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