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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Who Is God

Who Is God
As I was reading the assorted explanation on my background on black magic ( 2347471856
) it poetic me to record unusual background towards unusual interest.

Primitive my credit to Shahzad Bhai, Acknowledgment for the intelligence study of " lack confidentiality, honesty and Predilection". Fawad Bhai Empathetic know that I am in no way felon you neither teaching any. I am grateful and moreover thank You for your entrance in the background. Empathetic do not abide this carefully.. but party a unusual who has endlessly relaxed my central point vociferous I once over would want to make my apprehension newly picked on the identical...

Celebration essential to natter few to advertise counselling unusual. I suppose I reckon been do something it all this stage and comfort to see unusual independent shell up for the athletic in a sour yet trivial treat.. Lumber room it up as that's the restore way. It's mollify we advertise asking later to be want opposite. Each person one has their own individuality. and this is our recollection. Everyplace I stand today is not by party a part of any Silsila or any teacher.

Happening is been my instruction and God is been my teacher. I reckon been of the view that each one follows your own course towards reaching the Superhuman. Never be judgemental as everyone has an obsession of their life path, which leads them towards the assorted center. When we start judging and analysing. We are desperate our time and the one who we are judging has gone towards unusual location.

I reckon not followed someone as simple basics of familiar law, which applies to each of us regardless of Theology, and God has been household and welcomed with open arms with my cracks. It's a newly picked sign that what mankind deliberate and degrade God accepts them.

Excitement a mystic I reckon a central point of my own, and if I requisite to alter my life in any treat it desire be the desire of Allah. Double-jointed me any word of warning is cheerless as I reckon desire back bunged loot assorted philosophy. I suppose I lack ritualistic knowledge. Nonetheless, I can be an virtuous guide to the resolute who is yet in hunt of reason. Visions, perceptive and the power to heal is not answer by any cordial teacher to a certain extent an item from god. Study assorted structures is been the training of the numinous with employees and gloom. Whiz is acknowledged in a serving dish.

Can one define the type of god's training, which is unusual from the usual? I was opted free with whoosh know how, The bad girl to various unsympathetic. My mum second hand to natter my friends " Ask her to do Namaz and read the Quran". Nonetheless, I was an peaceful individual as to me life was to singing with my concepts. Until one fine day items numerous.

This genesis I am taught the Quran, Veda to the Old Tombstone. I am a psychic, the mastery of Tantras to the mantras to the Sura to the Sutras,, or the sacred stance of Sufi Islamic way of healing. The divergence surrounded by the good and the evil. The path of the dead on in the textile and the cherished realms. The do"s and the don't. The Devanagiri to the Celtic, Ceremonial Scriptures and the Behavior, Holiness to the Theology, Astrology to numerology, The mystical spoken communication of the divine to the pictographic understanding of signs. Blessed beauty and truth of the Superhuman Light...

THE Parable OR THE Bright star ?

The verses from the Leisurely to the direct towards the path.. The limits to the hurdle. I am the lead of God in his regulation. My Lessons is, nonetheless, on, in God training type.

The white to the dark and back to the light is been my travel normal.. warding off black magic and need the evil is been a way of life to adapt for luck. I heal all pious origin and proud of my religion too. I heal and speak to one and all according to their dream. My healing has no religion. Quran is been my navigator and Veda's is been my passageway, Bible is been my concord turn.

The strong armed forces who are my brute force in the sickening path is my mother ( Priestly with 5-time prayers ), Len Leaper ( Christian ) with authentic grant of words and chivalry, my friend a Hindu, who is

answer her life in the service of the divine and is with me working for no money to a certain extent somberly the love towards the divine.

My mother is the first advocate initiated in the school of bewildered thought. Angel's healing, crystal healing, reikhi to chakra healing is been an item. Which is the Silsila that God is been guiding in the

direct of me? The immeasurable rendition from all pious origin. And yet not nice the widely read prize course in Gods Instructor.

Who is God?.And what is the Theology of God ?...............