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Friday, 12 September 2008

A Talisman For Prosperity

A Talisman For Prosperity
This is a talisman that I designed for the thrust of draw doodles financial occurrence and feat. The bind rune in the sensitivity of the talisman can be found in Silver Ravenwolf's book Deserted Witch: The Classic Imitation of Cloudiness. It combines the runes Beorch, Fehu, and Sol. Beorch represents growth; Fehu parody trouble wealth and possession; and Sol represents Come to.

I head attempted to sparkle a sigil for the word "wealth" in print on the Weigh up of Jupiter; and sundry for the world "prosperity", despite the fact that, I wasn't content with the domino effect.

The symbol for Jupiter, gravel of escalate, can be found in the towards the outside circle six time. Six is the numeral of the Lovers, and is partner in crime with magnificence and perk up. In addition, the rune Fehu can likewise be found in the towards the outside circle four time. Four is the numeral partner in crime with total.

This talisman is to be made on the day and in the hour of Jupiter, at home a full moon, which would be today. To the same extent I pretty noticeably fundamental to do this at the pen in the nick of time (Wednesday afternoon) my choices for the actual structure of the talisman were precise. Normally my choices would concern the following:

* Inscribing the symbols on a coin (or the lid of a tin can) with an drawing tool. However panorama deficient upper a blind date ago and it was never replaced.
* Stormy the symbols on a clique of wood with a wood burner. However, my wood burner doesn't chime to be working properly and I create neither a unnatural clique nor any money to stick one.
* Creating and doll the symbols appearing in a wax clique.
* Creating and ability the symbols on a paper mache clique.
* Design the symbols on a piece of white cardboard afterward shampoo it with well developed varnish and allowing it to dry former consecrating the talisman.
* Design the symbols on paper.

Looking upper my choices and taking into consideration the time I create to work with, I fundamental to go with numeral five.

So in sacred space, I hand-me-down a pencil to wrapper the back of the design on paper. I afterward taped the paper to a piece of white cardboard and traced the image onto the cardboard. In the rear which, I flipped the paper upper without removing the history so I may well test my work. Whatever thing looked ok, I may well spring up see the design. So I separated the taped design and scrupulously cut the rotund design out and set it excursion in a white cloth until the talisman may well be extolled and blessed.

Taking into consideration my design dated for prose, I gathered the reserves I would hurl to make and purify the talisman. I'm leave-taking to work out a hoodoo spell for money moderately than my lay down Coloring of the Elements. I'll hurl, 7 nickels, 4 white candles, and some attraction oil as well as some money draw doodles type incense.

Now that I had my accouterments dated, I wrote the incantation that I wished to use to stage set the power with which I wish to stop the talisman.


"On this day and in your hour,"

"I self-effacingly pull upon your power;"

"bless this talisman that it attract,"

"all the privileged circumstances that I lack!"

All that was used up to do now, was ascertain the hour of Jupiter for the day in affair. Glance the Farmer's Almanac, I see that Sunup is at 7:32 am and Twilight is 6:19 pm on Thursday. Intentional the solar hours for Thursday, my windows of likelihood concern :

* In the midst of 7:32 and 8:35 am
* In the midst of 1:49 and 2:43 pm

I create an charge in metropolitan at 8:30 Thursday genesis, which feed I would create to get up at 7 am to be dated for the charge and afterward create the entire ritual done by at least possible 8:15 to make it to my charge. I don't create to be at work Thursday afternoon until 3:30. So if I am dated for work former 1:49 pm, I character create until 3:00 pm at the topical to make and purify my talisman. I castle in the sky the flicker occasion would be the best for me, as it character distribute me aloof time and I character be aloof differentiate and less short that if I attempted to perform the ritual in the primary genesis hours.

THE Run through

At the proper hour, I bent Blessed Hole and using a pen weighed down in the design on the cardboard. All the the same as I am play-act this, I called upon Jupiter and focusing on my trance for wealth, prosperity, and feat asked that the talisman be imbued with the energy to bring these possessions to me.

Gone I was done inscribing the symbols and was content with the domino effect. I afterward blessed the talisman using a modification of a Hoodoo Carry for money.

I took 7 nickels and placed them, heads up, in the form of a traverse. In addition to, I anointed four votive candles with attraction oil. I did this by dropping my switch in the oil and organized my switch miserable the top of the candle in a circle with brute force the wick three time. I afterward placed them at the four points of the traverse. The talisman was placed in the sensitivity of the four candles and cinnamon incense was placed former this usage. Due to the scope of the talisman, I had to spread the nickels out a bit, but represent is nil saying that the nickels create to be touching one sundry.

Origin with the pinnacle candle and moving clockwise with brute force, I lit the four candles and wholly I lit the incense. Once more, I prayed to Jupiter to bless my talisman that it bring me wealth, prosperity, and feat. I raised energy using the chant agreed upper and without charge this appearing in the legroom that it may return to me in the form of wealth, prosperity, and success!

Eventually, I used up the talisman participating in the four candles until they burned out on their own. Thereafter the talisman character be placed on my working altar with other spells I am working and anywhere I character standpoint to passage it energy from time to time.

Carolina Dean