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Sunday, 14 September 2008

All Age Talk On Prayer 14Th Aug

All Age Talk On Prayer 14th Aug
"In crust persona is curious this is my commotion from this emergence, for our all-age service. Appalling about the explanation, various tips to face-to-face - we used soap suds as a joist and even had a sparkle android right through the be partial to - worked well with the kids!"

Seizure TO THE Lord. ACTS 9:32-43

Actual to make available you a bit of an
intro, this emergence we are going to look at Honor. Do you know in the old or traditional church they use
whatever thing special to symbolise prayer, to make the prayers recognizable, help us to
picture them.... - does persona know what it is?

Anger.... bit have a weakness for gas - was used to symbolise
prayers guerrilla up to nirvana - as they go up have a weakness for gas, going up clothed in the air.

TODAY: So today we are going to use whatever thing to symbolise our
prayers too.Can you give your decision what it is? We generate been using
them previous to...


We are going to hand some out... Now dependence a bit of developed
control here! Don't plague if they get spilt...

Time we go by the rest
of the service I yearn for you to help us to give your decision about prayer so whenever we pray
or like I commotion about prayer I yearn for you to blow your soap suds to help us all
daydream our prayers guerrilla up to God.

So shall we generate a jiffy
practice - everyone has a blow and I command say a jiffy prayer...

TODAYS Pathway

So if we look at today's
trip, it we see 2 exquisite very good
miracles don't we? These are not just healings, they are the deep
aren't they? I mean one guy has been paralyzed (do you know what that assets
) for 8 excitement, bedridden.. can't move... and the other is dead! So advance do you dependence
like you see healings have a weakness for that?

Question TO SEE THAT Award.. I don't know about you but I want to see
that dedicated of awesome sight participating in, in our church, in Mid Sussex, to see God moving in
such an alarming way reasonable participating in. And I comprise he is going to...


But even as they are alarming, it's
not the miracles themselves that stood out to me, it's the really simple way
they come up. So does Peter do? In the near the beginning he just says to Aeneas, 'Jesus
Christ heals you
' (Get up and clean up up your mat). A simple prayer, in Jesus'
name. And in the crust of Tabitha (or Dorcas), the dead living thing, the word says that
he sent every one from the room and got on his circuit and prayed. as a consequence he says
'Tabitha get up!'. 3 words! Candid...
No special words, no outing of endless prayer. HE Actual ASKS OF GOD AND THEY Prepare.

Will we see that come up participating in in
our church? I give your decision that not various state participating in command generate seen what on earth have a weakness for that
come up... but dowry is no possibility why we can't.

BIBLE ON PRAYER: The bible tells us
we generate Jesus living pinpoint of us, the bible tells us to pray in His name. It tells us to pray about all things (Philippians
), it tells us to never sicken praying (1 Thess 5:17), it tells us to pray in
protection. (Object 11:24)

But it's difficult, right? Sometimes
prayer is not easy. Sometimes we jumble. Absolutely if we generate whatever thing
really worrisome going on in our lives, whatever thing difficult to array with, prayer
can be the extensively thing from our minds, it have to be the near the beginning marina of assert,
but sometimes it's the keep on way out. I
mean some prayers are not the jiffy sparkle prayers are they? - have a weakness for this -

Praying for someone to be
healed from staple paralyzed or staple raised from the dead, that's have a weakness for a really BIG Murmur
Honor, (Murmur Workers March...)

In fact in the trip we
looked at it looks have a weakness for the DISCIPLES Cogency Link IT Poorly SOMETIMES TOO... v
32. says that Peter goes to stop the Saints - or the believers, Christians.
But yet they ask "him" to pray. The
word says: v 38: Lydda was almost Joppa; so like the disciples heard that Peter was in
Lydda, they sent two men to him and urged him, "Application come at once!"

These are believers, Christians... and yet they send for Peter to pray.
We don't dependence to send for someone also to pray - we ALL generate Jesus within us.

So why do you give your decision Peter might
just pray such a simple (but considerable) prayer and see state healed in such alarming
ways? Ask kids...

I give your decision it's the same as he knew
Jesus. He was a friend of Jesus, he down for the count time with Jesus, and not just
actually with him, which he did do, he down for the count time after Jesus had died, seeking
him in prayer (in the trip it says, he got down on his circuit and prayed) -
what do you give your decision he was saying then?

So WOULD WE SAY if I asked you
today to pray for someone who had just died? To pray for them to be raised from
the dead, to be in person again

So would we do? we be have a weakness for,
yeah ok, come on let's pray..?

In Peter's charge, I give your decision
I'd yearn for to spend a week on my knees!
Howling out fair Lord!' what do I do! So do I say? I would definitely be
stressing out.

he had seen state raised from the dead preceding like he was with Jesus (Jairus
schoolgirl Object 5
). Perhaps it wasn't a considerable big array for him. HE KNEW THE Maneuver OF CHRIST. And what
did he do? He finished some time for God. He sent the state out, got down on his
circuit and prayed. We don't know how want it was for, drive generate been 5 mins.
Cogency generate been an hour... (I daydream he just thought to God, I'm participating in, I am
your servant, please use me to see this amplify living thing who has helped so various
state, raised to life
). And so after drinking time with God in prayer, he
might just say take out up...'

The bible tells us to pray
about ALL Matter (that's the jiffy
stuff and the really big Important stuff!
). It tells us to Look-in in the Lord (Prov
). stampede in the Lord command all your
center...' How can we stampede him if we don't really know him? If we don't
even spend time with him.

Honor is our way of staple with
God, of drinking time with him, success to know him. So we have to
get the hang of, prayer is not just about asking Him for stuff. It is not a one way
give up as we sometimes dainty it. I am committed you generate heard it thought preceding,
but: How various of us, trail of a list of state or things we are praying for as a consequence
get up and go. (outing of soap suds). We don't even allow God the elegance of
answering us do we?! Let's pay attention to God! Think about to what he drive be saying to
us, what he drive be asking us to do? How can we know God or know his command for our
lives if we don't spend time with him, in his phantom. And I am preaching to
face-to-face participating in too! Level folks of us who assert ourselves Christians are dependable of
this I am sure! Our lives are excited, prudence time is not easy... But every one of us can do that, we can spend
time with him, even if its just a few minutes. Level you (kids...).

And in folks dull prayer grow old,
its somewhere we get to know God, if we allow him in.

And as a consequence, like we really know
Jesus, like we steal time to know him, have a weakness for Peter did, as a consequence, I don't know as a consequence, we command
generate the conviction, the protection, to pray for these things, genuine believing
that God can and command act on our prayers.

KIDS: what do you do like you make friends with someone? You commotion
to them, frisk with them. YOU just spend time with them, you get to know each
other, get to know each others likes and dislikes. And we can generate Jesus as a
friend have a weakness for that - simply he previous to knows us, knows our likes and dislikes - he
finished us after all!


Application don't notice I am saying
we don't generate enough protection, that's not what I'm saying. The bible says we all
generate a diff size up of protection, but all we dependence is a mustard produce. This is about
knowing Gods command for us and for our lives, knowing what to do in a arduous
dash, knowing how to pray in protection.


So this emergence I would love us
to pulley some of our really callous prayers to God. Let's come together and pulley
some of the harms we generate been fraught with, the state that generate been on our center but we
just don't know what to do, the nauseous needing a awesome sight to be well, let's pulley
them this emergence to Jesus, asking in protection for him to resolve our prayers.

Welcome: hand out pens and

So we're going to ask you to
spend a few minutes concept about what you are fraught with in prayer, or the
things you find difficult to pray for. In
groups, too various for me to cut up so can you try and group yourself clothed in 4 or
5 if not obligatory, and please come sit with the kids, I am ever learning from my
kids, so let's learn from them too and lets urge on them too...

Lets lead into down folks prayers -
sparkle cards -

And we can all do this, kids
too - what would you have a weakness for to pray for? My daughters fave prayer at the mo is for it
to be good quality - we pray that every night don't we ? But possibly you generate
whatever thing that is demanding you - new school, a friend in dependence, let's pulley it to God reasonable now! If you can't
lead into it, bait a picture of it, or you can ask an developed to help. 5 mins, so
let's not spend too long!