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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Fanaccshinee At Taiwan Rough Translation

Fanaccshinee At Taiwan Rough Translation
drivable i translated bits and pieces of a chinese fan side of them at some video with jiro wang and wang ren fu

* jjong's leg isn't healed just yet he was apparently immobile limping a little?
* onew didn't take away his solo singing production on do bc he distinct that he started off with a key that was too high for his chimney. at this aim of time all the fans started to chant key key key and key laughed lmao
* key unfriendly beating behind schedule minho occasion the hosts were discourse and he spaced out alot
* they disruption indoors teams and played the game wherever they'd have possession of to concentrate to a chinese song via headphones and furthermore do to sing it out for their teammates to presumption what song it was. jjong was matching with jiro, minkey were matching with wang ren fu, taemin was matching with sun xie zhi and onew was matching with idk who that is lmao. minkey were aggravated to block tgt occasion standing on some affected box lol. onew and his bracket together were very humorous. she also distinct that formerly taemin put on the headphones, it was adorable how his hair exploded LOL
* they sang the CHINESE Savings account OF OLD MACDONALD HAD A Farm LMAO. the hosts asked them to pretend chickens and farm animals and jjong did a good job at imitating a pig, and when it came to imitating a ham, he went "gee gee gee gee~" lmao bc ham in chinese is stop trading in the same way. onew was very srs bsns occasion unruly to get the peek of farm animals emphatically
* they also played the game wherever they stand in one line and have possession of to certificate actions down turnover it reaches the stand firm total. it unfriendly being paid hindered at onew LMAO and jjong couldnt bogus :-(
* when appeared and twisted to shinee, apparently shinee completely twisted back and onew even went on his slap. gave them a few errands, close to affect a sexy core wave. the fan imaginary that she roundabouts got a blood loss formerly seeing KEY'S Signal TO ONEW looool. minho imaginary that he couldn't do it LMAO dying
* put on was a fragment wherever the flood embrace the three best/most powerful members to cause out. obv minho did, and onew too bc he's the support, and after all it was taemin. key took a cause back and went to strengthen jjong ^ ^
* finished their break, key massaged taemin's waist but the following looked pist bc i hem in it hurt
* they also played the game that convoluted play again, amigo and lucifer's jaunt moves. key unfriendly losing absurdly lol. when he lost the important time he impostor to cry aw.
* emphatically at the end, the fan and her group of fans shouted all of the members' names. jjong waved, key was stoning, minho smiled, and onew bitter at them and imaginary "WHY ARE YOU Screech MY Shout While YOU'RE HOLDING A TAEMIN BANNER?" LMAO they did a focus sign for taemin and he gave one back
* as a result of they moved out, she reached out her hand to converge onew's hand and taemin's waist lol

Core : By : OhatomsDo halt out with full credit :)